8Smoker Pro

7Smoker Pro 2.0

7Smoker Pro allows you to change various settings in the Windows Registry. These settings can boost the performance for your computer drastically. The service manager...
8Smoker Pro

XP Smoker Pro 6.1

XP Smoker Pro is the powerful award winning tweaking utility, designed specifically for Windows XP a.k.a WinXP. It allows you to change a multitude...
TweakNow WinSecret

TweakNow WinSecret 4.2.7

TweakNow WinSecret reveals hidden secrets of Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP! Wish to improve your internet speed or display message at Windows...
Ashampoo WinOptimizer logo

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9.04.31

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 is the ultimate suite for constant performance of your Microsoft Windows system! It keeps your Windows installation free of unnecessary garbage...
PC Security Tweaker

PC Security Tweaker 10.0

PC Security Tweaker is a security tweaking utility you can use to tweak Windows-based computers. It is compatible with all Windows versions and lets...
Super Utilities

Super Utilities Professional

Super Utilities offers 29 powerful utilities to make your PC run faster, safer, with greater privacy and security. It is a collection of tools...
Windows 7 Manager

Yamicsoft Vista Manager 4.1.6

Yamicsoft Vista Manager is the Best Tuning and Optimizing Utility for Windows Vista! It is an excellent companion for Windows Vista. This system utility helps...
WinXP Manager

Yamicsoft WinXP Manager 8.0.1

Yamicsoft WinXP Manager is a tool for setting, optimizing, diagnosing and tweaking Windows XP. It bundles more than 30 different utilities in one and...
Systerac Tools

Systerac Tools 6.10

Systerac Tools is a great package of tools for Windows. It will improve your PC performance, speed up your programs and Internet connection. Also it...
Windows Winset

Windows Winset 2012

Windows8 Winset is an all-in-one optimization software designed for Windows 8 operating system. It can optimize, clean up, maintain and speed up Windows 8. It...
Ashampoo Core Tuner

Ashampoo Core Tuner 2.01 – 40% OFF

Ashampoo Core Tuner enables you to use the complete power of your processor in the best possible way, while it hardly uses up any...
Asmw PC-Optimizer Pro

Asmw PC-Optimizer Pro 7.7.2649

Asmw PC-Optimizer Pro is a collection of over 30 system-maintenance and optimization utility to tune up windows performance. Registry Cleaner, to prevent application crashes; Startup...
PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer

PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer 2.0 Build 116

Raxco PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer is a state-of-the-art suite of tools that provide a comprehensive solution for improving your computer's health by optimizing your drive. It...
FreeRAM XP Pro

FreeRAM XP Pro 1.52

FreeRAM XP Pro is a freeware application to free and optimize your computer's RAM (Random Access Memory), resulting in an increase in system performance...

Innovative System Optimizer 4.0


Innovative System OptimizerInnovative System Optimizer helps your computer respond faster to your commands by accelerating some of the key components of Windows Vista and Windows XP. Innovative System Optimizer contains many tools which work together to increase your computer’s overall performance. By improving your computer’s responsiveness, this powerful system tool will save you time and make your computer work like new. The program includes tools for optimizing the operation of your hard-disk, registry, memory and startup programs plus cleaning tools to ease your system’s workload and speed it up even further. Innovative System Optimizer has a “One Click Optimizer” to help you optimize your computer quickly and without wasting time.

MagicTweak 4.12


MagicTweakMagicTweak is a special program designed to optimize and personalize Microsoft Windows. It provides one-stop, instant access to a variety of Windows settings that can be altered for a friendlier Windows environment. This unique software makes it easy to tweak hundreds of hidden settings in Windows, so there is no longer any need to dig through the registry looking for that specific setting (from the Start Menu, Desktop, Internet Explorer, System Icon to System Security) that just doesn't seem to be there. With the ability to customize almost any aspect of Windows, you can become a Windows expert almost instantly! MagicTweak allows to optimize your internet connection speed, control startup items, a more efficient way to uninstall programs, display a list of all running programs and allows you to force-quit frozen applications, clean up all the unwanted history data on your computer to protect your privacy, find and remove unnecessary files on your harddisk.

Game Optimizer Pro

Game Optimizer Pro 1.02.203

Game Optimizer Pro allows you to change your computer into a gaming machine with the click of your mouse! Game Optimizer Pro will improve your...