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Kerish Doctor 2019 4.70 (Build 2019.05.06)

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Kerish Doctor 2019 4.70 (Build 2019.05.06)

Kerish Doctor 2019 is an usefull and complete software solution for the Windows Operating System automatic maintenance. This suite includes PC Troubleshooting, Cleaning, Performance Optimization and Anti-Malware. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

The application uses the unique and unparalleled Real-Time Failure Detection technology, therefore it can prevent Windows crashes in real time. It is completely easy to use and can run on full autopilot. Game Booster technology also helps you increase game performance.

Kerish Doctor 2019 regularly cleans your computer of accumulated digital “trash”, including system and software cache files. This prevents the accidental deletion of any temporary system or software files that are still needed.

In addition, the program has the most comprehensive database of solutions to the most common Windows problems. You can appy them with just one click. Just select the solution from the list.

Kerish Doctor 2019 will analyze your system and make recommendations to improve your computer’s performance that can then be applied with a single click.

The program makes it possible to optimize your operating system configuration, the operation of system services, and internet connection settings in order to achieve maximum performance.

Kerish Doctor 2019 protects your computer against malicious and potentially unwanted programs and also secures vulnerable Windows settings.

In addition, this program also provides timely warnings when new vulnerabilities are reported in installed software and will help you update this software. The Kerish Deblocker function effectively combats malicious software, blocking your computer even if it is already blocked.

Changes in Kerish Doctor 2019 version 4.70:

  • Added the “Hardware Monitor“, which controls the status of PC devices
  • Added the “Task Scheduler Optimization” based on cloud data
  • Added the “Memory Optimization” with automatic background optimization of free memory
  • Added the “Task Scheduler” tool
  • Added the “Opened Ports” tool
  • New tool “Installed software” with a reputation based on cloud data
  • New tool “Web Browser Extensions” with a reputation based on cloud data
  • Updated the “Running processes” tool: new ability to save programs work (automatic restart)
  • Updated the “Check Installed Software” tool: new ability to download software installers
  • Updated the “Network activity” tool: new ability to view UDP connections
  • Improved error correction: added a new category “Domain Map
  • Added protection against unwanted and malicious extensions of web browsers.
  • Program recommends uninstalling software marked by many users as unwanted
  • Added protection of web browsers from substitution their shortcuts and settings
  • Added protection of DNS settings
  • Added the ability to clean Windows Update Cache
  • Added the ability to clean previous Windows installations
  • Program highlights new and recently discovered objects in the lists
  • Improved display of detected problems in the diagnostic list
  • Improved integration into the Windows context menu
  • Added new issues solved by the Real-time Failure Detection System
  • Added new recommendations
  • Added new tweaks for Windows 10
  • Added Bulgarian and Azerbaijan languages
  • Improved stability of the application
  • Bugs fixed and many small improvements added

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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