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SpeedCommander 19.50 Build 10300

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SpeedCommander 19.50 Build 10300

SpeedCommander 19 is a comfortable file manager. This software builds on the proven two window technology and offers a multitude of exclusive features. Sort, copy, move or delete your files either using the keyboard or the mouse.

SpeedCommander displays files and folders in the proven two window technology. Source and target of operations are therefore always visible. This ensures a higher productivity compared to Windows Explorer and an extremely fast navigation through files, folders and FTP sites.

This File Commander offers you many options for copying and moving files. With the integrated Quick View you can see the content of many file formats.

Pictures, videos or music files – SpeedCommander gives you a fast overview for every kind of files. FileSync synchronizes folders, FileSearch finds files and folders on all data mediums.

SpeedCommander 19 has a modern Add-In interface, so that additional plugins can be used, enhancing the original functionality. The program communicates with the Add-In via the component object model (COM). An Add-In can add functionality in the menu or the toolbars. The Add-Ins also have full access to SpeedCommander’s object model. They can open and alter folder windows, as well access their content.

SpeedCommander supports various FTP types like FTP via SSH (SFTP) and SSL encrypted FTP. The user just needs to choose a protocol, everything else is done in a transparent way. The support for proxies was expanded noticeably. The program supports Socks 4/4a/5 and HTTP connections. The user can choose to compress directory listing and file transfers with MODE Z. Band width limiting keeps your line responsive, if required.

SpeedCommander Features:

  • Two folder windows which you can arrange horizontally or vertically
  • Multiple folder views in one folder panel
  • File Container with multiple independent containers
  • Quick access to Network Neighborhood, Internet and FTP
  • Direct support for the many archive formats (including 7Z, RAR, SQX, ZIP)
  • Integrated Quick View for many file formats
  • Multi-rename tool
  • Fast and comfortable Search Program (FileSearch)
  • Synchronize files and folders (FileSync)
  • Flexible editor for text files (SpeedEdit)

What’s New in SpeedCommander 19.50 Build 10300:

  • Support for Windows 11
  • Pro version: Logging in to cloud services was partially no longer possible under Windows 7
  • Pro version: Logging in to OneDrive Business no longer worked because Microsoft disabled the Azure 1.0 login endpoints
  • List view: Italic and bold file/folder names were not displayed correctly in some cases
  • List view: Checkboxes for selection were not scaled correctly in some cases
  • List view: When creating a folder via the context menu ‘New’ the new folder is not set to edit mode (Windows 11)
  • List view: The online status for OneDrive items was not always displayed correctly

What’s New in SpeedCommander 19.40 Build 10200:

  • SpeedCommander can be launched with Win+E (settings dialog ‘Advanced – File Associations)
  • Pro version: SSL certificate verification can be disabled for generic WebDAV connections
  • RAR: When unpacking encrypted RAR5 archives, the password is only prompted once
  • Quick View: Support for .obj files in ARM64EC format
  • The serial number in the Drive Status window was displayed without leading zeros
  • 7z: When extracting was aborted, the partially extracted file was not deleted automatically
  • Pro version: Logon was not possible for WebDAV servers with digest authentication
  • Pro version: File names containing an opening round bracket and smaller than 1 MiB could not be uploaded to OneDrive
  • FileSync: The information about the selected items in the status bar was not always displayed completely under certain circumstances
  • fsc: When using a log file, the file names were not properly output
  • SCBackupRestore: Stack overflow if no base folder was set before backup

What’s New in SpeedCommander 19.30 Build 10100:

  • Pro version: Cloud library transitioned from C# to C++
  • Pro version: Access to cloud storages for ARM64 preview version
  • When customizing icons in the toolbar the command ‘Copy button icon’ was without function
  • When trying to activate SpeedCommander with restricted rights, an error message was displayed under some circumstances
  • The environment variable ‘ProgramW6432’ was lost when refreshing the environment variables
  • Folder window: The input field for the integrated browser was displayed bright in dark mode
  • Tree view: After moving directories in the tree view, it was sometimes not updated
  • Drag & Drop: It was not possible to drag and drop files to the top level of a network share (Windows 10)
  • Macros: No error message was displayed for faulty macros when the Microsoft Remote Debugger is installed
  • FTP: When downloading from SFTP servers with automatic conversion of end-of-line characters, the content was sometimes corrupted
  • FTP: The upload and download speed was partially limited
  • FileSync: Superfluous disk space warning when synchronizing from CD/DVD
  • SpeedEdit: ANSI files with Cyrillic characters were not displayed correctly
  • SCBackupRestore: The backup could not be created if the backup folder is located on the desktop
  • Update of UCRT to version 10.0.19041 (2004)
  • Pro version: Cloud support for HiDrive has been discontinued, access to HiDrive is still possible via FTP

What’s New in SpeedCommander 19.20 Build 10000:

  • SCBackupRestore: Alternative initialization if essential environment information cannot be determined from SpeedCommander
  • SCBackupRestore: Log file creation on the desktop when holding the Ctrl key while starting SCBackupRestore
  • Icons in menus and toolbars were sometimes scaled incorrectly on high resolution displays
  • Command line parameter /autoactivate did not work anymore
  • Folder window: free space in the status bar was not updated after unpacking archives
  • Pro version: Logging in to Dropbox was no longer possible because Dropbox no longer supports Internet Explorer 11
  • Quick View: Partially broken display of certain PNG image files
  • Archives: Possible crash on exit if a file opened from an archive is still open in another program
  • Multi-renaming: Files were not renamed correctly if less than 250 ms elapsed between last input and the start of the rename operation
  • SpeedEdit: Error message when calling ‘File – Reload’ if the file is exclusively opened in another application
  • FileSearch: Result window grows with each start if a themed frame window is enabled
  • FileSearch: Input field for text search was not focused when Advanced page was activated
  • FileSearch: Additional conditions with time information were not evaluated correctly

What’s New in SpeedCommander 19.10 Build 9900:

  • Preview version for ARM64 systems (e.g. Surface Pro X, Galaxy Book S)
  • Pro version: Reading in of large folders in Google Photos can be canceled by pressing Escape
  • Pro version: Additional logon option “OneDrive (Legacy)” for OneDrive if the computer is connected to a work or school account
  • FTP: IPv6 support can be deactivated in the advanced properties of an FTP site
  • SCBackupRestore: Alternate line color for the list of backup events
  • Toolbars cannot be toggled by menu if screen reader compatible menus are activated
  • Possible delay at startup if mounted network drives are not available
  • File operations: SpeedCommander may have stopped responding if many small file operations were started in quick succession
  • FTP: Possible crash when canceling an upload/download
  • 7z: Archives larger than 2 GiB could not be opened
  • GZIP: Archive entry was not displayed if the flag for the original file name is set but the original file name is not included
  • FileSync: Folder names with an underscore were sorted after the other folder names (instead of before them)

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,11 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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2 Comments on SpeedCommander 19.50 Build 10300

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    No Doubt this is my Favorite Dual Pane! Plenty of options, can do just about everything in a snap, just took a little time to get used to it.

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    Thanks Excellent Program with lots of options