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WinSysClean X10 Build 261

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WinSysClean X10 Build 261

WinSysClean X10 is an effective Windows System Cleaner, which repairs and cleans your Windows registry with 1-Click. By runing WinSysClean, you will get more disk space and Windows will run faster after a clean operation. The error files that WinSysClean searches for and deletes can produce very hazardous results if not properly cleaned from drive on a periodical basis.

WinSysClean X10 automatically optimizes your Windows System by optionally removing temporary/ unused space wasting files, unused registry locations, invalid shortcut links, and many more.

WinSysClean X10 uses the most complex registry analysis algorithm in order to repair the Windows Registry. All these tasks are done by Professionals periodically by hand, but now you can do it with just a single button click, without being afraid of damaging something!

WinSysClean X10 Features:

  • Removes specific types of files that common disk utilities, uninstall, setup, defrag, scandisk, and other cleaner type programs will miss.
  • You can choose from many cleaning options, or you can let WinSysClean do it for you.
  • Cleans your registry by deleting invalid uninstall entries and other wasted registry entries, leaved by programs after uninstalling them.
  • Removes Invalid COM/OLE Registry Entries.
  • Cleans the Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Removes the Windows Documents History.
  • Deletes Windows Hotfix uninstall files.
  • Deletes the Windows RUN History.
  • Cleans the Internet Explorer Cache Folder and Cookies Folder.
  • Cleans the Internet Downloaded Files Folder, by deleting it’s content permanently..
  • Deletes the Internet Explorer typed URL History and visited URL History.
  • Deletes the Windows Registry Backup files (these backup files are created at every Windows Startup, and it is wasting very much disk space).
  • Ability to add custom file types for removal from the entire disk drive or from a specified location.
  • Ability to add custom folders for cleaning.
  • Removes invalid registry application paths, font entries and shared tools entries.
  • Removes invalid Windows Installer registry entries.
  • Displays detailed statistics, during and after the cleaning process.
  • Windows Tuning options like changing the logon screen image.
  • Advanced System Monitor (CPU, Memory and HDD).

Changes in WinSysClean X10 20.0 (2020-04-28):

  • NEW Added Support for Windows 10 2020 Update
  • NEW Added Support for Google Chrome versions 68-80
  • NEW Added Support for Mozzila Firefox versions 60-75
  • NEW Added 788 new app cleaners, which brings the total app cleaners to 2284.
  • NEW Added System Restore Page where you can view, create and delete System Restore Points.
  • Updated 458 app cleaners.
  • Updated Database engine with newer version.
  • Updated UI controls with newer version.
  • Updated High DPI Scaling in Windows 10.
  • Improved High DPI Scaling in Windows 10.
  • Improved Installed App Detection.
  • Improved App cleaner detection of installed apps.
  • Improved Microsoft Office app cleaner.
  • Improved Installer.
  • Removed AdBlock function.
  • Removed 429 obsolete app cleaners for older version applications which are no longer used.
  • Removed Windows 7 Logon image changer.
  • Only 64-bit version of WinSysClean will be available. 32-bit Windows will no longer be supported by WinSysClean.
  • Windows 7 is no longer supported, WinSysClean will continue to run on Windows 7 but we no longer offer technical support for Windows 7.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Changes in WinSysClean X9 Build 19.0 (2018-08-13):

  • NEW Added Ad-Block function which blocks over 2300 ad servers. This function is safer than other ad-blockers because this does not intercept traffic, instead it blocks the servers. The ad servers database can be updated online directly from WinSysClean.
  • NEW Added 474 new app cleaners.
  • NEW Added Support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and April 2018 Update
  • NEW Added Support for Google Chrome 57-67
  • NEW Added Support for Mozzila Firefox 55-61
  • NEW Faster Internal Database Engine.
  • NEW Safer Multi-thread engine with smoother cleaning operation.
  • Updated 620 app cleaners.
  • Updated Database engine with newer version.
  • Updated UI controls with newer version.
  • Updated Installer to a newer version with better Windows 10 compatiblity.
  • Improved the the main registry cleaner engine.
  • Improved the app cleaner engine.
  • Improved High DPI Scaling in Windows 10.
  • Improved USB Cleaner support for the latest Windows 10 version.
  • Improved scan performance.
  • Improved memory management and allocation.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019.

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