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Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.9.4 (16.9.31205.134)

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.9.4 (16.9.31205.134)

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 contains many new and exciting features and IDE productivity enhancements to support Windows app development, cross-platform mobile development, Azure development, web and cloud development, and more.

Now, you and your teams will become more productive in building current and future projects as you benefit from the innovation in the IDE that makes every keystroke count.

Whether you’re new to coding or ready for your next project, Visual Studio 2019 streamlines your experience so you can get right down to focused work. You’ll find more screen space for your code and you can search for anything from one place. You can keep your code tidy with one-click code clean-up. When you’re debugging, you’ll notice better stepping performance and you’ll get search capabilities within the Autos, Locals, and Watch windows to quickly find that elusive object or value.

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Visual Studio provides cutting-edge tools and technologies to create apps that take advantage of the latest platform capabilities, whether Windows, Android, iOS, or Linux. It also targets earlier platforms so you can create new apps or modernize existing apps that execute on earlier versions of Windows while leveraging the enhanced development tools, quality enablement, and team collaboration capabilities in Visual Studio 2019.

Visual Studio 2019 Support for .NET Development

Visual Studio 2019 supports development of apps that use any of the .NET implementations. Among the workloads and project types, you can find support for NET Framework, .NET Core, Mono, .NET Native for Universal Windows Platform (UWP), C#, F#, and Visual Basic

Support for Android Development

Visual Studio 2019 enables you to build native Android apps using Xamarin and C# or using C++. The Visual Studio Tools for Unity and the Unreal Engine enable Android game development. You can also use Visual Studio for Mac to build Android apps using a Mac.

Use Visual Studio setup to easily obtain the Android SDK and Android API levels 19, 21, 22, and 23. Download additional API levels separately using the Android SDK Manager. You can also use Visual Studio Setup to obtain the Android Native Development Kit (R10E), Java SE Development Kit, and Apache Ant.

Support for Linux Development

Visual Studio 2019 enables you to build and debug apps for Linux using C++, Python, and Node.js. Creating C++ apps for Linux requires the Visual C++ for Linux Development extension. Creating apps with Python or Node,js, requires that you enable remote debugging on the target Linux machine. You can also create, build and remote debug .NET Core and ASP.NET Core applications for Linux using modern languages such as C#, VB and F#.

Support for macOS Development

Visual Studio 2019 enables you to build console applications and ASP.NET applications that target macOS. However, debugging is not supported. For additional macOS development tools choices, try Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio for Mac. Visual Studio Code provides a streamlined, extensible developer tool experience for macOS. Visual Studio for Mac provides a feature-rich IDE that enables you to build native macOS apps, including ASP.NET, using C#.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Features:

Write code with fewer errors

Type variables quickly and accurately, using IntelliSense code suggestions if you get stuck. Maintain speed no matter the complexity as you navigate to any file, type, member, or symbol declaration you need. Make quick improvements to your code using lightbulbs that suggest actions such as renaming a function or adding a parameter.

Learn more about your code

CodeLens helps you easily find important insight such as what changes have been made to your code, the impact of those changes, and whether your method has been unit tested. See references, authors, tests, commit history, and other essential information at a glance.

Quickly find and fix your bugs

Visual Studio lets you pause code execution the moment you want to inspect a bug, using the breakpoint and method you need. If you’ve taken one step too far or encountered an unexpected change, you can step back to any specific line of code – no need to restart your session or recreate your state.

Work efficiently

Easily navigate and organize your test suite so you can analyze how much code you’re testing and see results instantly. Immediately know the impact of every change you make, letting advanced features test code as you type. Fix errors as soon as they happen and see if new changes are covered by existing tests.

Share more than screens

Lead your team with quick and natural collaboration using Live Share to edit and debug together in real time, no matter the language or platform. Personalize your session with access controls and custom editor settings that enforce consistent coding styles for everyone.

Build for the cloud

Get up and running quickly using templates for common application types and local Azure emulators–no need for an Azure account. You can also provision application dependencies such as Azure SQL databases and Azure Storage accounts without leaving Visual Studio. Quickly diagnose any issues using Visual Studio’s remote debugger, which attaches directly to your application.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.9.4:

  • Fixed a SFINAE bug causing an error with some forms of template names in non-dependent base classes.
  • Fixed case where IntelliCode is trying to log into a temporary directory and access to the temporary directory was denied.
  • An issue where some Visual Studio functionality was limited when third-party privilege management software is also installed has been resolved.
  • Addressed an issue where customers repeatedly start debugging on XBox, more and more kernel resources are consumed. Eventually requiring the XBox to be restarted, which would lose any state.
  • Addressed a hang when debugging native code with Insider Preview builds of Windows.
  • Fixed an accessibility bug with keyboard focus.
  • Added back missing Xamarin templates (iOS/Android Class Library, iOS/Android Bindings Library, Android Wear, Xamarin.UITest) in the New Project dialog. These templates were hidden by mistake.
  • For C++ CMake-based projects targeting Linux using an SSH connection, the destination directory specified in CMakeSettings.json by the remoteCMakeListsRoot property has been restored to the previous behavior in VS 16.8, where the destination of the copy corresponds to the source directory’s root.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.9.3:

  • Fixed a crash in MSBuild that occurred when trying to build a solution with MSBuild.exe that contains a web site project.
  • Fixed a crash scenario caused by some dependencies on ServiceHub.
  • Fixed a blocking issue where users of XAML Visual Diagnostics Tool on Xbox or IoT devices were prohibited from remote debugging.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.9.2:

  • Update ARM64X global function pointer names
  • Fix for extracting first OBJ of an ARM64X LIB with link -lib -extract
  • Fixed an error were code compiled with Address Sanitizer and optimzations may produce bad code generation that causes Visual Studio 2019 to crash.
  • Fixed a crash caused by adding functions through the Dialog Editor in the Resource Editor
  • will no longer need to be removed as a package source twice
  • Improved NuGet package parsing performance
  • Fixed an error message about deprecated APIs customer received when using Azure SQL Database node in Server Explorer
  • Fixed an issue causing an error message indicating the CascadePackage did not load correctly
  • Fixed an issue causing a building project with fast deployment enabled to fail deployment or take additional time
  • Fixed an issue causing Hot Reload to now show saved changes under the “Full page” mode
  • Fixed an issue with Hot Reload causing Live Visual Tree to not work or apply changes.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.9.1:

  • Fix for emission of incorrect ARM64EC metadata to OBJs.
  • Fixed an issue where C++ with FixIts turned on which is the default option, would see error squiggles upon opening code.
  • In some cases, C++ IntelliSense tries to use extremely large numbers of include paths and becomes non-responsive.
  • Increased stability of Live Share in C++ scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue where IntelliCode would stop loading symbols.
  • Improves solution load and close time in scenarios when users have the new experimental Razor editor enabled.
  • Fixed a crash scenario in ServiceHub that could happen after opening the Extensions and Updates dialog and then shutting down Visual Studio.
  • Fixed an error that would give a message that no updates were available when checking for updates on slower machines.
  • Improves performance of launching WAP projects from Visual Studio during incremental changes.
  • Fixed an issue causing setup to fail launching when using the Italian locale.
  • Fixed an upgrade scenario that would cause the installer to stop responding for a very long time while the .NET core tempalte cache is intialized.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.9.0:

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.8.6:

  • Fixed a high priority bug blocking developers from pushing code to Azure Functions or other Azure resources from Visual Studio 2019.
  • VS 16.8.5 Create a Git repository – Create a new GitHub repository – PUBLIC (unchecked Private option) – FAIL

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.8.5:

  • Fixed an issue where x86 Microsoft.VCLibs Appx installed under ExtensionSDKs updated with correct signature.
  • Fixed a memory leak when using C++ DesignTime features.
  • Fixed an issue where an exception would occur if a password is not remembered when importing an existing database into an SSDT project.
  • Fixed an issue where the publish button is disabled the first time customers publish .NET Core projects to a folder or other hosting targets.
  • Fixed a hang that occasionally occurred when developers opened the publish profiles view page.
  • Adds Xcode 12.4 support.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.8.4:

  • Fixed an issue where C#-specific IntelliCode components may not be installed if IntelliCode had previously been installed from the Visual Studio Marketplace in older versions of Visual Studio
  • Transitive project references are now respected when a PackageReference projects references packages.config projects with PackageReference dependencies.
  • Adds Xcode 12.3 support.
  • Fixes x86_64 watchOS 7.0+ simulator support

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.8.3:

  • Fixed an internal compiler error when a nested function template is defined outside of the parent class.
  • Fixed incorrect error C2355 when ‘this’ is used in the initializer of a non-static data member.
  • Ruleset loading error has been fixed for custom ruleset using /analyze:ruleset option with /analyze:rulesetdirectory and/or /analyze:projectdirectory option.
  • Fix for an intermittent crash in Visual Studio while using WinForms .NET Core designer.
  • .NET 5.0.1 insertion into Visual Studio v 16.8.3
  • Fixed an issue where some of the UI context activiated tool windows can cause Visual Studio to crash.
  • Fixed Push from Manage Branches page when there is no Git remote tracking branch.
  • Added Xcode 12.2 support.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.8.2:

  • Fixed for optimization bug in loops.
  • Fixed internal compiler error in implementation of guaranteed copy elision (C++17 feature).
  • Fixed build perf regression for large uses of anonymous types.
  • Resolved an issue where a gold bar with the message “Specified argument was out of the range of valid values” would appear when editing C# code.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a MissingMethodException when building a project that had T4 templates.
  • Fixes an issue where the search in the New Project Dialog could return zero results.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.8.1:

  • Fixed a high-impacting issue where “The ‘SourceExplorerPackage’ package did not load correctly.” warning pops up when cloning a repo in Team Explorer. When users encountered this problem, it would cause the product to stop responding.

What’s Fixed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.7.7:

  • Added Xcode 12.1 GM support.
  • Update of MSVC 14.16, 14.20, 14.24, and 14.26 toolsets to match latest servicing releases.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when renaming a type and file currently not open in the editor.

What’s Fixed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.7.6:

  • Get the message “Working on it” when switching to a tab
  • Visual Studio Feedback – new Web-Browser based Version crashes due to proxy failure
  • Unable to build xamarin.ios library project with .xib interface declaration on specific version of VS
  • Cannot generate shim for System.DateTime
  • IntelliCode suggestion, filtering compilation errors
  • Inserting .NET Core SDK 3.1.403 into Visual Studio 2019
  • Fixed a bug that affects debugging https enabled Service Fabric Application.
  • Support Service Fabric nuget packages with external dependencies.

What’s Fixed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.7.5:

  • Incorrect code gen on ARM64 with vector math (DirectXMath.h)
  • Faulty type casts : VS.2019 V16.7.1, native C++
  • C++ builds with Windows SDK 8.1 fail after upgrade to Visual Studio 16.7
  • With VC++ 16.7 ABI change in vtable.
  • fatal error C1001: Internal compiler error with 16.7.0
  • CET/EHCONT Exception handling metadata is broken in vcruntime140.dll. This fix may have an increased chance of requiring a reboot of the machine in order to install an updated VC++ Redistributable package.
  • PGO switch MEMMAX seems not respected
  • [19.26.28900] New compiler causing possible bad codegen
  • Code analysis crashed with buffer underflow
  • Fixed a bug in the C++ compiler when importing classes with methods containing a combination of default arguments and [params] / [ParamArray] argument list.

What’s Fixed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.7.4:

  • Adds Xcode 12.0 GM support.
  • Adds support for setting a Color set as Accent Color in the Info.plist editor.

What’s Fixed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.7.2:

  • Gold bar following RPC exception in StreamPipeReader.AdvanceTo: No reading operation to complete
  • We have resolved a crashing issue that would occur when typing the comma separating positional records, but before having typed the next character.
  • Visual Studio 2019 v16.7 Xamarin Android crash on start up in debug.

What’s Fixed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.7.1:

  • SQL Server Project is crashing when editing columns using design panel.
  • SQL Server Database project : Fast scrolling in Design View of a table crashes VS
  • CImage::Draw() has ambiguous call to DrawImage() in 16.7.0 Preview1
  • Compiler Error when lowering x86 switch statements
  • arm64: function too large after upgrade from 15.9.16 to 16.4.11
  • Arm64: Indirect register (x8) contains invalid value at start of function
  • Unexpected error C2027: use of undefined type when using templates with /permissive-
  • Fixed a bug causing the C++ compiler to crash when building NanoRange

What’s Fixed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.7.0:

What’s Fixed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.6.5:

  • Added Apple Xcode support to Visual Studio 2019.
  • WPF XAML IntelliSense not working on 16.6.0

What’s Fixed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.6.4:

  • WPF XAML IntelliSense not working in 16.6.0
  • Creating new files no longer crashes Visual Studio.

What’s Fixed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.6.3:

  • WMI Provider MSI still failing to install in 16.6
  • View History on context menu in Solution Explorer doesn’t do anything
  • Cannot generate shim for X509Certificate2 with Visual Studio 2019 16.6.0
  • Add Controller and Add New Scaffolded Item dialogs are not showing all data contexts after upgrading Visual Studio Enterprise 16.5.6->16.6.0
  • Cannot open new json file
  • About Microsoft Visual Studio frozen.
  • Visual Studio 2019 16.6.0 Microsoft Fakes Issue
  • VSSDK IVsHierarchy Regression in VS 16.6.x
  • Windows 10 SDK (10.0.19041.1)- ARM64 memcpy crashes when accessing unaligned uncached memory
  • Add script to SQL Server Database project does not open User Scripts list
  • Fakes generation with ref argument
  • Frequent soft hang with Code Analysis callstack in Open Folder project
  • Visual Studio Class Designer dark theme support
  • Added support for Text Template Transformation Toolkit (T4) in .NET Core projects
  • Separate IntelliCode team completions model acquisition from model production.
  • Addressed an issue where users may have experienced critical update or installation failures due to the WMIProvider package that would block use of the IDE. Failures in this component no longer block use of the IDE.
  • Fixed a problem causing the product to stop responding when working with Xamarin projects on certain scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where VS would crash when attempting to decrypt an invalid UWP code-signing certificate

What’s Fixed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.6.2:

  • Visual Studio 2019 16.60 hang at run or build when modified not saved in C++/CLI project
  • An unhandled exception of type ‘System.NullReferenceException’ occurred in Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.WpfTap.dll
  • Recurring null reference when reopening documents
  • “Create new project” dialog search does not find templates for third-party language providers
  • IntelliSense shows that “tilde-slash” (~/) points to ASP .NET Core 3.1 project root instread of wwwroot subfolder after upgrading Visual Studio Enterprise 16.5.6->16.6.0
  • Fixed a compiler error (error C2475: redefinition; ‘constexpr’ specifier mismatch) affecting std::atomic when compiled as C++/CX in C++17 mode.
  • URL completion values and format was fixed in Razor views. App-relative URL format is now used again and the values in the URL completion list show files and folders rooted under app root, i.e. wwwroot.
  • Fixed a crash when using snippets.
  • Restore item templates that could be hidden by extensions.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.6.1:

  • Fixed issue when using HotRestart to deploy iOS application.
  • Fixed and issue where Xamarin.iOS fails to build with MessagingRemoteException.
  • Fixed an issue which would place constant-initialized static local ‘const’ variables in ‘inline’ functions which were previously dynamically-initialized in the read-only data segment. This can cause compatibility issues when linking against OBJs compiled with older toolsets.
  • Fixed a build error in Xamarin.Android projects that could be encountered when Android layout files contain certain characters.
  • Fixed an issue with .resx localization at runtime for Xamarin.Android applications.
  • C++ IntelliSense vcpkgsrv.exe frequently crashes with set_parent_scope_on_push.
  • Fixed WMI Provider component installation failure.
  • Fixed a crash in some cases when displaying the Quick Info tooltip for C++ code.
  • Fixed a crash when closing Visual Studio.
  • Adds Xcode 11.5 SDK support
  • Removes abstract modifier to BGTask

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.6.0:

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.5.5:


  • Team Explorer not loading after update to mandatory latest visual studio version for Visual studio 2019
  • Find Highlighting Fails when Matching with Match Case Disabled and Regex Option Enabled

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.5.4:

  • Modified the find “List View” to work with the VsColorOutput extension.
  • Fixed a regression introduced with version 16.5 where use of default indexed properties with value-types caused an internal compiler error.
  • Modified find in files to preserve user settings between Visual Studio 2019 sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where Goto next/previous entry failed to work in the find results list when “preview selected files in find results” is turned off.
  • Fixed an issue with find when doing a regex search a pattern that did not contain regex special characters.
  • Fixed the button placement in find in files tool window when its in a docked position. Changed alignments for better experience in docked mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the find list view did not navigate to results when enter was hit.
  • Fixed an issue where Goto next/previous entry failed to work in the find results list when “preview selected files in find results” is turned off.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.5.3:

  • Fixes issue when entering wrong credentials while trying to connect to a remote Mac build host.
  • Fixed an inability to open some types of files.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in a failure to add an Apple Developer account with two-step authentication.
  • Fixed a crash in watchOS applications when creating GC thread.
  • Fixed regression that disallowed exponential floats of the form 1e5f.
  • Fixed an issue preventing opening files that are opened in external applications such as Word or Excel.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.5.2:

  • An error occurred while generating the SSH keys. Please check that the environment is properly configured. Details: cat: /Users/cc/Library/Caches/Xamarin/XMA/Keys/1984b83a-dde9-4031-919d-b1d1b8411d0d: No such file or directory
  • InvalidOperationException while debugging Xamarin Forms app
  • Frame note in module in Xamarin Forms Android
  • Internal compiler error is fixed and analysis for WDK completes as usual.
  • We fixed an issue in the new Find in Files experience where hidden files and auto-generated files were not searchable.
  • Fixed issue with deployment of UWP apps to remote machines where deployment fails with message “DEP0600: Deployment failed. DkmException – Error in the application.”
  • Local static variable not initialized in inlined function of class imported from dll
  • VS 2019 16.5.X: Multiple startup projects while Live Visual Tree was last opened in a debug session crashes
  • Fixed issues where for the C++ formatting indentation of new lines with only ending parenthesis.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some users from installing 16.5
  • Fix an issue where Visual Studio can crash when the display configuration changes.
  • Fixed an issue causing slow downs when opening solutions that are impacting the IntelliSense code and related operations.
  • Fixed a crash with the debugger that users can run into when the target application being debugged raises an exception.
  • Added support for Xcode 11.4.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.5.1:

  • A bug is fixed in loop unroller which might lead to wrong condition codes being generated in the unrolled loop.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ServiceHub.Host.CLR.x64 to stop working.
  • Fixes issue in Chinese version of compiler errors C4533 and C2362 which resulted in incorrect order of string substitution for those languages.
  • Improved stability of the Diagnostic Tools and Performance Profiler.
  • Code generation problem causing crash with pure virtual destructor in const object
  • Fixed a constant evaluation regression from 16.5 Preview 2
  • Fixed an issue where MacOS couldn’t be paired.
  • Fixed an issue where the Diagnostic Tools while debugging and Performance Profiler fail to launch on XBox devices.

Top Issues Fixed in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4.6

  • Miscompile, boolean condition deduced to be always true.
  • Issue with loop unroll in Visual Studio 2019 compiler
  • CL (VC v19.24) crashes when building in a docker volume folder
  • CL (VC v19.22) crashes when it starts with the /ZI parameter in the docker container
  • Compiling SSE intrinsics with MSVC compiler 19.20: compiled code yields incorrect results in one specific case
  • C++ AMP code will not compile in Visual Studio 2019 16.3.1
  • Sometimes coroutine_handle<>::destroy() resumes coroutine instead of destroying it.
  • New Spectre mitigation options in C++ compiler: /Qspectre-load & /Qspectre-load-cf for speculative load hardening.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.4.5:

  • Merge Conflict: “Take Source”/”Keep Target” is missing
  • Crashes when trying to debug uwp application
  • Unable to select target platform azure v12 for database project
  • Fixed crashes or errors that can occur when running Visual Studio after an install action that requires a reboot.
  • Fixed an issue deploying Xamarin.Android apps. This peviously required a manual uninstall of the app from the device or emulator.
  • This change fixes a bug where the compiler may sometimes incorrectly remove an instruction in a C++ coroutine.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.4.4:

Top Issues Fixed in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4.4

  • Custom Project Template Not Found
  • msvsmon.exe crashes when hitting breakpoint in native C++ code
  • Search for a folder in solution explorer, then click home or the X in the search box. The view is reset.
  • External Tools argument current line is always zero.
  • Can’t create v3 Function project.
  • Access violation reading location 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. after updating to VS 2019 Update 16.4.3
  • Cannot create function app under 16.4
  • MSVC2019 generates AVX-512 instruction in AVX/AVX2 mode
  • Bad code generation with rsqrtss (register clobber)
  • Visual Studio 2019 Debugger crashes when viewing FastLink callstack.
  • C#: Fixed a crash when an attribute constructor is decorated with itself and Nullable Reference Types is enabled.
  • Fixed an optimization-analysis bug where we lose track of alias information for arrays of indeterminate length (declared as extern int a[]) when we unroll loops, leading to possible incorrect dead-store removal.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.4.2:

  • VS2019 Preview 4 broke conditional compilation symbols in C#
  • API has been deprecated
  • Android debugging not working in latest release 16.4 “Debuggee returned error code INVALID_ARGUMENT”
  • Fixed a frequent UI delay that can occur while using the editor.
  • Fixed a crash when an attribute constructor is decorated with itself and Nullable Reference Types is enabled while using C#.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Visual Studio failing to start or crashing on C# solution load on certain Virtual Machine setups.
  • Fixed a bug where user defined conditional compliation symbols are lost when the build properties page is reopened.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.4.0:

  • Visual Studio now supports “FIPS compliance mode”
  • XAML Designer zoom/position now defaults to Fit All.
  • Create Data Binding Dialog has been added.
  • Improvements to regions IntelliSense
  • Snippets in XAML IntelliSense
  • Pop-up XAML editor as a separate window from designer
  • Displaying resources for referenced assemblies
  • Just My XAML in Live Visual Tree
  • Merge Resource Dictionary
  • XAML Islands support
  • Edit Template now works with controsl from 3rd party controls.
  • Better Clang-Tidy support in C++ CMake projects.
  • AddressSanitizer support for projects compiled with MSVC on Windows.
  • Support for publishing local Git repositories to GitHub.
  • Change your document tabs to a vertical layout with Vertical Document Tabs.
  • .NET Productivity additions in this release include the ability to configure the severity level of a code style rule directly in the error list, Find All References now has the option to group by type and member, and a refacotring to make a local function static and pass in variables defined outside of the function to the function’s declaration and calls.
  • Integrated terminal adds new functionality as well as general stability fixes (only available on preview releases)
  • Containers tool window adds the ability to inspect, stop, start, and remove Docker containers and images
  • Option to improve startup peformance by auto hiding tool windows
  • Clang-Tidy support in C++ MSBuild and CMake projects, for both Clang and MSVC.
  • Automatic detection of SQL Server and Azure Storage connections strings when managing publish dependencies or using Connected Services
  • Added support for developing Azure Functions using the 64bit runtime.
  • Added support for .NET Core 3.0 app publishing options: Ready to Run (Crossgen), Linking, and SingleExe
  • .NET Productivity additions in this release include the ability to configure the severity level of a code style rule directly through the editor, navigate easily up the inheritance chain with the new Go To Base command, adding null checks for all parameters, and XML documentation for overriding methods.

What’s New in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019:

  • Improved IntelliSense performance for C++ files
  • Local development with many common emulators
  • Simplified test access in Solution Explorer
  • Git management and repo creation in the IDE
  • Kubernetes support now included in Microsoft Azure workload

Homepage –

Visual Studio 2019 System Requirements:

The following products support the minimum system requirements below:

  • Visual Studio Enterprise 2019
  • Visual Studio Professional 2019
  • Visual Studio Community 2019
  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Office Integration 2019

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10 version 1703 or higher: Home, Professional, Education, and Enterprise (LTSC and S are not supported)
  • Windows Server 2019: Standard and Datacenter
  • Windows Server 2016: Standard and Datacenter
  • Windows 8.1 (with Update 2919355): Core, Professional, and Enterprise
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (with Update 2919355): Essentials, Standard, Datacenter
  • Windows 7 SP1 (with latest Windows Updates): Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate

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