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DxO Optics Pro 11.4.2 Build 12373 Elite

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DxO Optics Pro 11.4.2 Build 12373 Elite

DxO OpticsPro is an image quality enhancement software with a demosaicing system to better deal with RAW data. Discover the exceptional performance of DxO OpticsPro. Whether in automatic or manual mode, numerous intelligent tools can help you perfect your images.

DxO OpticsPro uses the ultra-precise analysis of each camera-lens combination. Therefore it can automatically correct the optical flaws in your images with an incomparable level of quality.

White balance, vibrancy, tonal curve, multi-point balance, color saturation protection: take advantage of all these tools to bring out all the brillant colors of photos or to apply a color interpretation of your own.

DxO OpticsPro automatically corrects all the optical faults in your images because it is based on a precise knowledge of your equipment and its weaknesses.

White balance, vibrancy, tonal curve, multi-point balance, color saturation protection. Take advantage of all these tools to bring out all the brillant colors of your photos. Or to apply a color interpretation of your own.

Push the limits of your camera:

  • Automatic correction of all optic imperfections
  • RAW conversion optimized for very high ISO
  • Exposure, lighting and color optimization
  • Batch processing for unparalleled productivity

DxO OpticsPro adapts very specifically to your equipment and automatically makes corrections to your images, whether in JPEG or RAW. Each camera or camera-lens combination is the subject of a very precise analysis with our measurement tools. The software automatically detects your equipment and shooting parameters for each photo.

Restore proper perspective and straighten the horizon line, all while preserving the volume and form of your subjects. DxO OpticsPro integrates three simple, practical, and powerful tools to tilt, straighten, raise. Also it restore real perspective and a horizon line worthy of the name. The correction of volume anamorphosis is exclusive to DxO Labs. Wide-angle lenses distort subjects located at image edges. For example, people at either end of a line of people in group shots have noticeably disproportionate silhouettes. Only DxO OpticsPro restores proper proportions and shapes while maintaining the realism of the scene.

Shooting in RAW format gives you absolute control over how your photos are rendered. DxO OpticsPro’s RAW converter is based on detailed characterization of your camera by DxO Labs. Demosaicing that is perfectly adapted to your photos is the gauge of incomparable image quality. Aesthetics are always very subjective. You can adjust the parameters of RAW development to suit your own ideas, save the settings. And then easily apply them to batches of images.

With DxO OpticsPro, no need to rely on flash photography to bring out the full emotion of your night shots and to obtain detailed textures and incomparable colors. DxO OpticsPro is tailor-made to allow you to radically and automatically eliminate digital noise from all your photos.

And many other features!

  • Red-eye correction (NEW). Thanks to both face and eye detection, red eyes are automatically identified and corrected, which allows you to make the corrections on dozens of photos as a batch process.
  • Get rid of colorful patterns that appear on fine textures (fences, cloth, tiles, etc.).
  • Color rendering: consistency is key. Thanks to the calibration of equipment in our laboratories, you can stay true to your camera’s color rendering. Or you can choose another rendering to ensure uniformity among a series of photos taken with different cameras.
  • Protection of saturated colors. Bring out all the richness of the details and textures in your shots, even in the areas of brightest colors.
  • Match rendered colors using ICC profiles for vivid prints.
  • Dust. Get rid of the specks that appear on your photos because of dust present on your lens or sensor in one click. Also works with batch processing.
  • Image sorting. Sort your photos according to several criteria such as camera type, ISO value, processing status, and virtual copy number.
  • Integrated printing. Quickly and easily product full-size prints or contact sheets with full control over layout, metadata, color profile, rendering mode, sharpness, and more.
  • Retina screen compatibility. Enjoy all the visual quality offered by Retina screens and preview your images in high definition on Mac OS X.

DxO OpticsPro restores the ideal balance between the dark and light areas in your images. With DxO’s exclusive HDR mono-image feature, you can use a powerful exposure optimization tool to bring out numerous details in the dark and burnt areas of all your photos, based on just a single image.

Changes in DxO OpticsPro 11:

New features:
  • Spot Weighted mode in the DxO Smart Lighting tool: This correction weights its action based on analysis of faces or areas specified by the user.
  • DxO PRIME noise reduction works up to four times faster on high ISO images.
  • DxO PRIME better preserves smooth transitions between sharp and blurry elements.
  • Automatic microcontrast mode uses automatic detection to identify and preserve faces.
  • Using face detection, DxO OpticsPro automatically corrects red eyes.
  • Provides a semiautomatic manual mode for difficult cases.
  • Full screen display lets users view, grade, and sort photos rapidly and without distractions.
  • Faster preview when changing setting sliders
Support for 8 new cameras:
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus (JPG and DNG)
  • Canon EOS 77D / 9000D
  • Canon EOS 800D / Rebel T7i / Kiss X9i
  • Nikon D7500
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC GH-5
  • Pentax K-P
  • Sony Alpha 9
  • Minor bug fixes.

Homepage –

Size: 443 MB

Download DxO OpticsPro 11 Trial for Windows

Download DxO OpticsPro 11 Trial for Mac OS

BUY NOW DxO OpticsPro FilmPack 3 (DxO OpticsPro Filmpack – Essentials Box)

BUY NOW DxO OpticsPro FilmPack 3 (DxO OpticsPro Filmpack – Expert Box)

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