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novaPDF 11.3 Build 225

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novaPDF 11.3 Build 225

novaPDF is a PDF creator that allows you to easily create PDF files (that are searchable). With novaPDF, everyone from novice users to professionals can create high-quality documents in industry-standard PDF format. Simply select the “Print” command from virtually any application.

This PDF creator lets you add PDF bookmarks, insert PDF links, use it as shared network PDF printer. Also it lets you create public/private printing profiles, add PDF watermarks, reduce PDF file size, password protect PDF files. In addition, you will able to overlay and/or merge PDF files, convert to PDF any printable document and much more.

Using novaPDF you can create PDF files from virtually any application. Make novaPDF the default PDF printer driver and every time you print, a PDF file will be created.

novaPDF doesn’t require 3rd party programs such as GhostScript or runtime environments like the .NET Framework. You can create PDF files (searchable PDF files) while maintaining the original layout of the document by embedding fonts and using different image resolutions. Or you can reduce the size of the PDF by using text/image compression.

novaPDF Key :

  • Universality. Converts to PDF any type of printable documents (DOC, XLS, PPT, EML, HTML, TXT, PUB) into searchable PDF files.
  • PDF Security. Can protect PDF files with password, to control whether the PDF can be viewed, printed, modified, copied or annotated. Supports 40-bit and 128-bit encryption levels. For example, you can protect the PDF so that readers cannot copy the text from it.
  • PDF bookmarks. Detects headings in the original document and adds corresponding bookmarks in the generated PDF file.
  • Merge PDF files. You can append or insert the content of the document being converted, to an existing PDF file.
  • Shared network PDF printer. nova PDF Server can be installed on one computer in a network environment, and used by any computer in that network (supports also Terminal Servers and Remote Desktop Connections).
  • PDF Overlay. This allows adding the content of the document currently being printed via novaPDF as the background or foreground of an existing PDF file, with options to customize the position of that added content.
  • PDF Watermark. Using this PDF creator you can stamp a PDF with custom text or an image and apply transparency, rotation, opacity, color variation or other effects.
  • Standalone. Does not require GhostScript or other 3rd party software to create PDF files so you can make PDF files right after you have novaPDF installed.

Other Features:

  • PDF links support. Any visible text that starts with “http://”, “www”, “mailto:”, “ftp://” or “file://” in your original document you can be convert to clickable active PDF links if you choose so.
  • Document information. Possibility to set the title, subject, author, keywords for the PDF.
  • Support for TrueType and OpenType fonts. To ensure portability you can embed fonts in the PDF file.
  • Private profiles. Define profiles for future use, each with its own settings for page size, resolution, fonts, compression, document info and save settings.
  • Import/Export profiles. The printing profiles you can be export or import into different installations, so that you can easily transfer them from one computer to another.
  • Multi-language support. The user interface is translated in more than 20 languages.
  • Send PDF via email. You can be configure to send the generated PDF automatically via email.
  • Reduce PDF file size. This PDF creator supports text and image compression, conversion and image downsampling.

novaPDF comes in three editions: Lite, Standard and Professional.

Professional Edition has all the features enabled, while novaPDF Lite and Standard have limited functionality.
Server editions work on Terminal Servers and as shared network printers while the Desktop editions don’t. While the Desktop and Server editions are priced the same, you cannot purchase less than 3 licenses for Server editions.

Changes in novaPDF 11.3.225 (13-October-2021):

  • Added: Fully compatible with Windows 11
  • Added: Option to rotate landscape pages automatically
  • Added: Macro placeholders for security passwords
  • Added: Macro placeholder for the computer where the print job is started
  • Added: Use wildcards for attaching other matching files to emails
  • Updated: Online activation works without https as a fallback option
  • Fixed: SMTP emails were not sent when using the x64 version of the email tool
  • Fixed: Activation error when using TLS 1.2 or newer
  • Fixed: License error when upgrading to new versions
  • Fixed: Error message when trying to overwrite an open PDF
  • Fixed: Empty Check for updates window when offline

Changes in novaPDF 11.2.187 (10-September-2021):

  • Added: Option to use digital signature timestamps certified by independent servers
  • Added: 6 new predefined digital signature timestamp servers
  • Updated: Support for creating secure channels with TLS v1.3 for SMTP connections
  • Updated: Support for new SFTP host keys
  • Fixed: Error when printing to a paused printer
  • Fixed: Error message when trying to overwrite an open PDF

Changes in novaPDF 11.1.181 (30-July-2021):

  • Added: Include other file attachments in the generated PDF files
  • Added: Define and use PDF attachment presets
  • Fixed: All users registry entry for update frequency option
  • Fixed: UI changes for activation window

Changes in novaPDF 11.0.170 (23-June-2021):

  • Added: Progress window when printing via the Outlook addin
  • Updated: Exporting profiles/presets on a network file is now faster as a local copy is saved first
  • Updated: Danish language
  • Updated: Portuguese language
  • Updated: Spanish language
  • Updated: Finnish language
  • Updated: Activation process
  • Fixed: Window position was losing focus relative to taskbar position
  • Fixed: Error appending file in some rare situations
  • Fixed: Corrections for some macros

Changes in novaPDF 11.0.134 (27-April-2021):

  • Updated: Links now open with the default browser
  • Updated: Italian translation
  • Updated: Portuguese translation
  • Updated: Romanian translation
  • Updated: German translation
  • Fixed: Long translation texts
  • Fixed: Profile manager corrections

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).
  • Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019.

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