DivX Plus 10.8.5

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DivX Plus 10 software lets you convert video between popular formats, including HD files, and enjoy an enhanced playback experience across all your devices, at home and on the go. It is all you need to create, play and stream high-quality video.

Also DivX Plus 10 allows you to play DivX, AVI, MKV, MOV and MP4 video with DivX Plus media player. Or watch these videos in other popular media players like Windows Media Player or Media Player classic.

DivX Plus 10 includes everything you need for a high-quality digital video experience including Converter, Player, Web Player and Codec Pack.

Over 100 million devices that support DivX video have shipped worldwide from major manufactures. That include DVD players, gaming consoles, mobile phones and more.

DivX Plus 10 you the power to watch, create and share high-quality videos on your Windows or Mac computer. DivX technology enables highly compressed video without compromising visual quality. So you can enjoy a cinematic experience on your computer, in your living room or wherever you go.


H.264 is a new standard that is poised to power the high definition video revolution by offering incredible visual quality, performance and efficiency. DivX Plus 10 gives you all the tools you need to take full advantage of H.264 for a truly cinematic video experience.

  • Convert your video to DivX video using DivX Plus Converter
  • Or create video compilations with DVD features using DivX Author
  • Post a DivX video to your site using DivX Plus Web Player
  • Watch your videos, even HD videos (H.264/AAC) from the Internet, with DivX Plus Player
  • Use DivX Codec Pack with your favorite video editors and media players.

DivX Plus Converter

In addition to high-quality output of DivX (AVI, DIVX) and DivX Plus (H.264 video in MKV container) video for your PC and DivX Certified devices, Converter now adds MP4 conversion to make sure your videos play well on iPhone, iPad and beyond. And with hardware acceleration, you can expect high-performance encoding that doesn’t overload your CPU or drain your battery.

Designed for quick and easy conversion of the most popular video formats found on the web, Converter also lets you tweak encoding settings (resolution, file size and bitrate), combine multiple videos into one file, create a trick play track for smooth FF/RW, and add multiple subtitles and audio tracks. Add support for MPG, TS, VOB and SVCD files with the MPEG-2/DVD Plug-in.

DivX Plus Player

Player delivers the best playback experience for movies, TV shows and popular web video formats (AVI, DIVX, MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV). It support advanced features (multiple subtitles, audio tracks, smooth FF/RW), quick transfer to DivX Certified devices and new streaming to DLNA-compatible devices. Player with DivX To Go is the only tool you need for high-quality video playback of your collection.

DivX Plus Web Player

With high-quality streaming of the web’s most popular video formats including MKV right in your browser, Web Player completes the DivX Plus Software bundle. Enjoy stunning HD video with true 5.1 channel surround sound, multiple subtitles and audio track support, smooth playback with hardware acceleration, and the ability to download everything you watch online. And with support for DIVX, AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV, Web Player is a great choice to publish video to your website.

DivX Plus Codec Pack

Codec Pack includes a full set of codecs, filters and splitters that powers Converter, Player and Web Player. And you can use Codec Pack’s pre-set profiles to output video for your DivX Certified Home Theater, HD or Mobile devices using your favorite video editing applications. With advanced encoding settings and hardware acceleration, this trusted Codec Pack delivers a high-quality video experience on your computer.

DivX Plus 10.8.5 Components:

  • Converter 10.8.5
  • Player 10.8.5
  • Web Player 3.8.5
  • DivX To Go 3.8.5
  • Media Server 10.8.5
  • DivX Installer System 3.8.5 R2
  • DivX Control Panel 3.8.5 R2

What’s New in version 10.8.5:

  • DivX Software now fully supports HiDPI displays and resolution up to 5K
  • DivX Player provides better handling for h.264 format (codecconfig inside STRF tag is now supported)
  • DivX Converter Pro supplies new UHD DCI 4096×2160px 120fps profile for encoding
  • DivX Converter improves handling of third-party libraries and fixes number of crashes related to them (fixed loading of nhAsusStrixOSD.dll)
  • DivX Converter now asks for confirmation when User tries to cancel transcoding
  • DivX Media Server provides control over caching functionality. Users are able to speed-up casting on Chromecast and Roku devices
  • DivX Media Server provides Telemetry dashboard for overlook and troubleshooting purposes
  • There are also a number of localization fixes and improvements in all DivX applications


  • DivX Converter contains a fix for audio-video mistiming after trimming
  • DivX Converter fixes checkboxes behavior for audio and subtitles menus
  • DivX Player was fixed to playback mp3 audio correctly after seeking
  • Set of minor bugfixes and improvements

Homepage – http://www.divx.com

Size: 2.32 MB

Download DivX Plus Installer

Download HD Video (DivX Plus format)

Download DivX Mobile for Android

Download DivX Mobile for iOS


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is there ever a changelog for this program ?


DivX Plus 8.2.2 Build appears to be an update for DFX, nothing else


How do you know which version you have installed? the version is not listed on the download package. When I check for updates after the news gets posted here on Softtexia, it says all the components are already updated. Even their homepage says nothing about the updates. So do these updates even exists? Where does the admin of Softexia get this info? If I install the latest package and go back and check the components nothing has changed. They are all the same version.



Changed in DivX Plus 9.1.3 Build
– Update for DivX Plus Player to v11.0.1.58
– Update for DivX Plus Web Player to v2.4.0.368


Where can we find an offline installer ?