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DJ Jukebox 23.0 by Gammadyne

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DJ Jukebox 23.0 by Gammadyne

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Changes in DJ Jukebox 23.0 (February 4, 2019):

  • Added the “Convert To MP3” tool, which converts FLAC and WAV files to MP3’s.
  • Added the “Generate From Year” tool.
  • Edit Stored Playlist: this window now allows you to create, rename, and delete playlists.
  • Added the “mp3enc.exe” command-line utility, which converts FLAC and WAV files to MP3’s.
  • Add Selections To Stored Playlist: this window now allows you to create and delete stored playlists.
  • Select Certain Songs: added the ability to select by filename extension.
  • Song Table Statistics: this now reports the total count of each file type.
  • Top 25: added a report of the top artists by number of picks.
  • Added the “Show ‘Bad’ Column” option to the Options menu. This allows you to hide the Song Table’s “Bad” column.
  • Most windows now calculate their width as a factor of the interface font size. Previously they were a factor of the screen size. This ensures that windows are the optimal size, even when the font is very small or very large relative to the screen.
  • Song Table: when moving vertically from one cell to another, the caret will now try to maintain its horizontal position within the cell.
  • The toolbar can now have more than one row of tools.
  • Added the Ctrl+F9 hotkey, which will generate a new playlist and append it to the existing playlist.
  • Auto-Start: added a new Action: Shuffle & Play.
  • Test Server: if the test fails, there is now a “Retry” button.
  • Playlist: added a context-menu button to the bottom right.
  • Edit Stored Playlist: double clicking on the splitter will now set it to the optimal position.
  • Volume Affects Device: it is now possible to clear the selection, which ensures that the project will never report that it has changed because an audio device has been installed or uninstalled.
  • The WOL Password field now displays the password as asterisks.
  • Each user that logs into the system now has a separate set of preferences and global settings.
  • Rip CD: updated the LAME MP3 encoder from version 3.99.5 to 3.100
  • Rip CD: FreeDB: slashes in the song filename are now replaced with a dash instead of a space.
  • Rip CD: the MP3 encoder now defaults to CBR instead of VBR.
  • Test Server: there is now a success/failure banner running across the top.
  • Edit Tags: the “Analyze” tool is now much faster.
  • The /? command line switch will now display the help file chapter on the command line.
  • The Customize Toolbar window now remembers preferences such as its position and the table column widths.
  • Fixed: Search Song Table: under certain conditions, changes to the Song Table were not being applied to the Playlist and Stored Playlists.

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