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CyberLink Director Suite 365 9.00 – 35% OFF

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CyberLink Director Suite 365 9.00 – 35% OFF

CyberLink Director Suite 365 is the definitive software package for creative professionals. It provides the blending precision editing tools for video, audio, and photo with access to a wealth of unique creative content. A smooth, highly efficient post-production editing environment allows for seamless transition between video, photo and audio editing. As well as powerful color grading.

Here you’ll find all the unique creative tools you need at your fingertips. Whether you’re working on a standard video project or expanding your creative scope to 360˚ video and VR video. Also never be stuck for creative inspiration again.

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When you subscribe to CyberLink Director Suite 365 you’ll have unlimited access to an ever-growing collection of premium plug-ins, effects, and content including unique AI Style Packs.

Total solution for media creation

With round-trip-editing support, the four applications in CyberLink Director Suite 365 work seamlessly with each other:

  • PowerDirector 19 – Push the limits of creative possibilities.
  • PhotoDirector 12 – Photo editing, adjustment and management.
  • AudioDirector 11 – Precision Audio Editing Controls.
  • ColorDirector 9 – Precise Color Grading. Professional Results.
  • 100 GB of Cloud Storage

CyberLink PowerDirector delivers professional-grade video editing and production for creators of all levels. Whether you’re editing in 360˚, Ultra HD 4K or even the latest online media formats, CyberLink PowerDirector remains the definite video editing solution for creative professionals.

CyberLink PhotoDirector features a wide range of professional-quality tools built for turning your photos into stunning artworks no matter how you shoot. Easily create moving pictures from videos, stunning Little Planets and panoramas from 360˚ shots or intelligently remove, copy or move objects within your image.

CyberLink ColorDirector is the precise color grading tool which ensures professional quality results. It offers creative video-makers of all skill levels. The means to dramatically improve their projects through the use of tools to control color and lighting.

CyberLink AudioDirector contains cutting-edge tools that make editing and fixing audio tracks fast and simple. With end-to-end audio features and seamless integration with PowerDirector, AudioDirector is a must-have application for extreme video makers.

CyberLink Director Suite 365 includes 100 GB free storage space on CyberLink Cloud that allows you to access and work on your creative projects from anywhere.

What’s New in CyberLink Director Suite 365 9.0:


  • Background Music – Halloween. Up the terror in your projects this Halloween and beyond! This collection contains 20 spooky, jumpy and just all-out creepy tracks! All royalty-free and exclusive to our 365 subscribers.
  • Shapes Transition Pack. Seamlessly cut and connect your shots together with 10 diverse shape transitions.
  • NEW Fonts. Create inspiring designs with beautiful typography with these new fonts.
  • Vertex Selection Mask with Keyframe. Select your own mask with a series of vertices faster than ever.
  • Linear and Parallel Mask Styles.. Choose from an array of mask templates in Mask Designer, now including linear and parallel.
  • Project Interop with AudioDirector. Easily transfer your audio and video timelines between AudioDirector and PowerDirector.
  • Screen Recorder v4 SE. You can now capture in-game footage or create a camera overlay with a chroma key background.
  • Upgraded Motion Graphics Title. Customize the color of objects and text to create a variety of styles.
  • Keyframe Control: Edit Anchor Point. Alter the position of the anchor point to achieve new levels of motion.
  • Keyframe Interpolation: Hold Mode. Make shapes seemingly jump across the screen with Hold mode.
  • Enhanced Color Match Tools. Fine-tune the hue, saturation and brightness of your color matches.
  • Sketch Designer. Speed up your workload with 14 premade templates for Sketch Designer.
  • Audio Mixing Room Enhancements. Professional audio mixing user interface for advanced users.
  • Bloggers Social Media Pack. An incredible mix of PiP Objects, Particles and Title Templates designed for your social media projects.
  • UX Improvements. A new streamlined interface for a hassle-free user experience.


  • Educational Course Express Layer Pack. Easily and quickly put together professional promotional flyers, banners and posters for a range of small businesses. These Express Layer Templates contain all the layer components you need to quickly design complex image compositions.
  • Background Music – Halloween. Up the terror in your projects this Halloween and beyond! This collection contains 20 spooky, jumpy and just all-out creepy tracks! All royalty-free and exclusive to our 365 subscribers.
  • Style Effects. Apply a range of style effects to your photos to achieve an artistic look.
  • AI Person Segmentation. Precisely mask the outline of objects in your images.
  • More Advanced Layer Properties. Create incredible text and shapes with Color Gradient, Glow and Shadowing tools.
  • Layer Editing History. Enjoy destruction-free layer editing by flicking back and forth through your layer editing changes.
  • Enhanced Combined Shape Editing. Move, flip, rotate and merge shapes together to create beautiful compositions.
  • Customizable Hotkeys. Hotkey the controls you want for a more fluid and personalized experience.
  • Compare Mode: Guided Editing Tools. Easily compare the edits you’ve made with your original photo.


  • NEW! Seamlessly Integrated with PowerDirector.
  • NEW! AI DeReverb
  • NEW! Vocal Balance and Removal
  • NEW! Create Effect Combos


  • NEW! Shine Light on Your Creation
  • NEW! Green Screen Maker
  • NEW! A Balanced Perspective
  • ENHANCED! Smarter Selection, Easier Edits

What’s New in CyberLink Director Suite 365 8.0:


  • Shape Designer. Apply and edit completely customizable vector shapes to your videos, with auto-fit text and keyframe controls. Perfect for YouTubers and video tutorials.
  • Professional Format & Camera Support. Import and edit video shot on professional-grade cameras and in HEVC 10bit HDR10 & HLG, ProRes 10bit 4:2:2, XAVC 8bit 4:2:0 and MXF AVC 8bit 4:2:0 video compatibility.
  • 4K Video Editing Preview. Preview your projects in 4K quality, and see how your video will look like before you produce.
  • Audio Scrubbing. Hear audio while dragging the playhead through a project so that you can quickly find the scene you need.
  • 1:1 Square Video Editing & Production. Create, edit & produce 1:1 square videos, so you can quickly produce content perfectly fit for social media.
  • Motion Graphic Titles. Combine animated motion title elements with your videos to make your projects stylish and modern.
  • Nested Projects as Adjustable PiP Objects. Repurpose previous project files in your new ones. Embed them into scenes with keyframe control to scale, skew, rotate & even set opacity.
  • Reversible Timeline Track Order. Switch timeline track order between top-down and bottom-up orientations to suit your workflow.
  • CPU & GPU Performance Boosts. Supports transcoding of non-full frame video clips in a single timeline track. Enjoy better performance on 8+ core processors with improved multi-threading.
  • Improved Paint Designer. Move, resize and rotate painted objects within your video frame for total control.
  • JPG/PNG Image Sequence. Save your image sequences in widely supported JPG or PNG formats.
  • Improved Title Designer. Crop imported images in Title Designer for even more creative options.
  • Enhanced Crop, Zoom & Pan Tools. Improved crop, zoom, and pan tools give you more control over your video production process.
  • Extra-Large Thumbnail Option. Find content in your library faster with extra large thumbnail previews.
  • Undock Media Library & Timeline. Control the look and feel of PowerDirector’s interface for an enhanced video editing experience.
  • Volume Meter Display. Preview the audio volume in your final video with increased accuracy.


  • AI-Powered Deblur. Blurry images are a thing of the past with intelligent deblur. Perfect for fixing up photos of excited children, pets, or taken from moving vehicles.
  • Advanced Color Replacement. Completely change the color of specific objects in a picture for a whole new look. Select multiple areas at once for consistent adjustment.
  • Customizable Bevel, Emboss and Warped Text Layers. Compose and design layered images with customizable 3D & warped text layers.
  • Quick Access to Guided Editing Tools in Layer Editing. Use guided editing tools such as Deblur, Content Aware Removal, Blur Tools & more without having to leave the Layer Editing module.
  • Clip Art Packs. Give your images the perfect finishing touch with professionally designed frames & stickers in a range of styles
  • Express Mode. Photo editing made easy. Express Mode makes creating artistic shots as easy as select, preview, apply, and save!


  • Color Replacement with Keyframe Control. Remap the colors of different objects in your video to give them an entirely different feel with precise keyframe control.
  • Color Match. Standardize color through different clips with the click of a button and for a more consistent look.
  • 3-Way Split Tone. Applying split tone effects to video clips allows you to adjust highlights, mid tones and shadows for a truly distinctive look.
  • Export LUTs in More Formats. Import and export Look-up Tables (LUTs) for professional color grading control. You can now export in .3dl/.mga/.m3d formats!
  • Copy Adjustment Settings. Quickly transfer your video adjustment settings with the new copy and paste feature for added convenience.
  • Enhanced Customizable Hotkeys. Easily search, modify and save hotkeys for a smoother video editing experience.


  • AI Wind Remove. Recording outdoors will never be the same again! With just one click you can use the power of AI to remove wind gusts from audio clips, bringing clarity to dialogue and ambient sounds
  • Punch & Roll Recording. Quickly record lengthy voiceovers or podcasts, and seamlessly make corrections to your dialogue tracks.
  • Restoration Tools – Dialogue Contouring. Reshape the intonation of dialogue to restore or enhance a vocal performance.
  • Visual Spatial Audio Editing. Edit audio tracks for 360˚ videos in a visual preview window to precisely tune audio direction and elevation
  • MP3 ID Tag. Edit cover art, album titles, tracks and more directly within AudioDirector.

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Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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