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VinylStudio 12.0.1 Converts LPs and tapes to CD and MP3

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VinylStudio 12.0.1 Converts LPs and tapes to CD and MP3

VinylStudio is software that helps you transfer your vinyl albums (or cassette tapes) to your computer. It is the best way to convert records and tapes to digital format. Taking your old LP albums and transferring them to your computer could not be easier. Now everyone can rip their vinyl records in a few easy steps.

VinylStudio makes the job a pleasure, rather than a chore, and the powerful sound cleaning filters can help rescue precious, damaged recordings. Download a copy and see why using Audacity for this task is doing it the hard way.

VinylStudio is not just another audio editor, and although it records to standard MP3 and WAV file formats, it doesn’t edit audio files directly. VinylStudio’s audio cleanup tools are extremely effective at removing clicks and scratches from your recordings.

VinylStudio does not expect you to keep track of your recordings manually. Instead, it stores them as a collection, organised by artist and album title.

VinylStudio Feature Highlights:

  • An all-in-one solution for digitizing your record or tape collection
  • Easy-to-use track-splitting functions
  • Automated click and scratch removal
  • Look up track listings and album art over the Internet
  • Save your tracks in a wide variety of file formats, fully tagged
  • Extensive ‘rollover’ help to guide new users
  • Multi-level undo/redo
  • Integrates with iTunes on the Mac
  • Burns both audio and MP3 CDs

The following features are offered in VinylStudio Pro only:

  • The ability to import and export CUE sheets.
  • The ability to import more than one audio file at a time.
  • Recording equalisation (as used for ‘flat’ phono preamps and when recording pre-RIAA discs).
  • The ability to search more than one database at a time in the ‘Lookup Track Listing’ window.
  • The ability to import collections from Discogs.
  • Spectral View, to locate those hard-to-find clicks and scratches.
  • The ability to set default filter settings and equalisation curves.
  • The ability to define custom equalisation curves / FFT filters.
  • The ‘Patch’ feature, to repair wide areas of damage.
  • The ability to load and save ‘noise sample’ files in the Filter Settings window.
  • The ability to define custom album status names to keep track of your work.
  • The ‘Perform Frequency Analysis’ feature.
  • The ability to enter album notes.
  • The ability to print your collection.
  • The ‘Copy to Player’ function.
  • The ability to create Windows Media Player playlists.
  • The ability to export track listings when burning CDs or DVDs.
  • Most of the functions provided in the ‘Batch’ window. Instead, users can save their tracks for the album they are working on in the ‘Split Tracks’ window.
  • DSD support.
  • The ability to search Discogs by catalog number when creating or recording a new album.

Changes in VinylStudio 12.0.1:

  • Fixed a crash on M1 Macs in the Split Tracks window when using faders.
  • Fixed a problem opening recordings with a comma or a forward slash in the name.
  • Fixed a problem when entering the track duration for a newly added track in the Edit Track Details dialog (it was being ignored).
  • VinylStudio now preserves the ‘Scan all album sides’ checkbox setting when selecting a preset in the ‘Scan for Clicks’ dialog (previously, it was cleared when a preset was selected).
  • Fixed an occasional crash when looking album information up from Discogs when creating an album (Mac only).
  • Fixed occasional ‘iTunes COM error’ message when looking up track listings (Windows only).
  • Fixed ‘iTunes not installed’ message when trying to add saved tracks to iTunes (Windows only).
  • Fixed a problem with entering keystrokes into the custom tags editor (Windows only).
  • Fixed a problem where VinylStudio was putting the track breaks in the wrong place when importing multiple cue sheets for the same album (Andreas Kopriva).
  • Fixed a crash in ‘Import Track Listing’.
  • Fixed (probably) incorrect ‘free space’ display in the Record window with very large drives (problem reported with a 12TB drive).
  • Fixed a failure to store album art in AAC and Apple Lossless files when saving tracks.
  • Improved the help system on the Mac, which was not functioning very well.

Changes in VinylStudio 12.0.0:

  • Fixed VinylStudio erroneously creating folders when saving tracks with a slash (/) in the track name.
  • Fixed a problem with Spectral View (Mac only).
  • Fixed a problem eliding / adjusting track breaks when using cut-and-splice.
  • Fixed ‘handshake error’ problem retrieving album information from Discogs.
  • VinylStudio can now copy imported files when moving or copying albums to another collection (Neville Searle).
  • Fixed an issue where VinylStudio was erroneously moving the track breaks after editing the track details (Steve Crook).
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Create Album’ when looking it up from Discogs by catalog number (Fred Hoeser).
  • Preserve the cursor position and zoom level when truncating recording at cursor (requested by Henning Björn).
  • VinylStudio now offers a ‘custom tags editor’, which allows you to add any tags you want, either at the album or track level (Steve Crook).
  • Fixed a crash in ‘Truncate Recording at Cursor’ (Steve Crook).
  • Fixed a problem with ‘Scan for Trackbreaks’ stopping at the end of side 1 (Clive Gidney).
  • Fixed a problem where VinylStudio named imported tracks in the wrong order when importing multiple files (Jim Arnold).
  • Fixed messy screen (mainly on the Mac) when showing and hiding the controls in the Split Tracks and Cleanup Audio windows.
  • Fixed a problem with the scroll wheel when controls are hidden in the Split Tracks and Cleanup Audio windows.
  • Fixed an issue regenerating the waveform display when importing more than one album side in a separate operation.
  • There is now an option to hide the track listing and list of recorded files in the Split Tracks window to make more room for the waveform display.
  • There is also an option to hide the list of recorded files and the corrections list in the Cleanup Audio window, again to make more room for the waveform display.
  • You no longer need VinylStudio Pro to use the Batch ‘Regenerate Waveform Display’ feature (as long as you purchased before 1st November 2018).
  • Added support for burning Blu-Ray discs. Please note that this is a Pro feature.
  • You can now erase CDs / DVDs / Blu-Ray discs from the Burn CDs window.
  • Fixed an issue clicking in listboxes freezing certain windows on the Mac.
  • Added support for changing the hardware buffer size on the Mac (because a couple of people were reporting stuttering when recording)
  • VinylStudio can now export your collection as a CSV, RTF or text file. Please note that this is a Pro feature.
  • VinylStudio now supports the use of a forward slash (/) as a separator in (e.g.) multiple genre tags, as well as a semi-colon (;).
  • Worked around (partially) some drag and drop issues in the Mac version caused by Apple bugs.
  • Fixed a crash importing files (Clive Gidney).
  • Fixed, hopefully, a very rare crash in Patch APA.
  • Fixed an occasional crash on shutdown.

Changes in VinylStudio 11.7.0:

  • Support for Apple Silicon (natively) on the Mac.
  • Apple Lossless and AAC are now supported on Windows (as well as on the Mac). Please note these are Pro features on Windows (but they are not on the Mac), and Windows users will need to register.
  • ITunes integration is now supported on Windows (as well as on the Mac). Please note that iTunes integration on Windows is a Pro feature (but it isn’t on the Mac).
  • VinylStudio can now normalise each track separately when normalising a recording (Adrian Snowdon).
  • Improved keyboard interface (arrow keys) to the slider controls on the Mac. This already worked on Windows.
  • By request, increased the brightness of the waveform display in dark mode somewhat (Mac only).
  • Fixed ‘Mix down to mono’ not working when saving tracks with ‘Save corrections’ disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where VinylStudio was deleting saved tracks from iTunes when not asked to (rare).
  • Fixed some issues applying batch filter settings and filter setting presets.
  • Fixed a crash reading very large CAF files (Mac only).
  • Fixed a problem reading RF64 files (‘EH’).
  • VinylStudio can now truncate RF64 files (it was previously destroying them, please be warned and make sure you are running the latest version, V11.7.0).
  • Fixed an occasional crash when recording with WASAPI enabled and an external device ‘goes to sleep’ (Vincent Shaw, Windows only).
  • Fixed VinylStudio Lite refusing to burn audio CDs (sorry about that).
  • Fixed a couple of other rare crashes.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).
  • OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or later.

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