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WinGate 9.2.0 Build 5975 – Proxy Server

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WinGate 9.2.0 Build 5975 – Proxy Server

WinGate Proxy Server is a sophisticated integrated Internet gateway and communications server designed to meet the control, security and communications needs of today’s businesses.

In addition to a comprehensive range of features, WinGate Proxy Server’s license options provide you the flexibility to match your needs to your budget, whether you need to manage an enterprise, small business, or home network.

WinGate will share most types of Internet connections effortlessly, allowing multiple users to simultaneously surf the web, retrieve their email, or chat with online messaging, as if they were directly connected to the Internet.

Whether it is a simple dialup modem or hi-tech broadband solution, WinGate can help to make the most out of the connection.

WinGate will handle requests from a wide variety of Web applications and Internet protocols, such as Web browsers, Messaging software, FTP and SSL. WinGate also supports DirectPlay Internet games and Real Time Streaming Audio/Video.

WinGate screenshotWith WinGate’s user database and policies, parents and administrators alike can limit and control users access to the web. Logging, auditing, and a real time activity and history viewer – detailed records of user activities can be easily examined. This makes WinGate an ideal choice for Internet cafes and network administrators who work in environments where Internet access needs to be monitored closely.

WinGate comes complete with a built in firewall to ensure that each Internet connection is kept safe from attacks by hackers and intruders from the Internet. Your network safety can be further enhanced with optional plug-in components, available seperately, which will scan incoming data for viruses, or filter out inappropriate content. This gives peace of mind to both parents and network administrators, so that you can be sure that your family or co-workers are using the Internet appropriately.

Key Functions:

  • Provide secure and managed Internet access for your entire network via a single or multiple shared internet connections
  • Enforce advanced and flexible access-control and acceptable use policies
  • Monitor usage in real time, and maintain per-user and per-service audit logs.
  • Stop viruses, spam and inappropriate content from entering your network
  • Provide comprehensive internet and intranet email services.
  • Protect your servers from internal or external threats.
  • Improve network performance and responsiveness with web and DNS caching
  • Ease administration burdens on your internal networks.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Employee productivity
  • Minimised time and resources required to maintain network integrity
  • Reduced Employer liabilities
  • Improved efficiency, responsiveness and reliability of network access

Changes in WinGate 9.2.0 Build 5975 (June 27, 2018):

  • Fix: Policy: Property dialogs for some types of item would open non-modally
  • Fix: Timeline: Fix divide-by-zero problem if the pane size reduced to 0 width.
  • Fix: Logging: fixed auto-reported crash relating to searching in log files
  • Fix: WinGate Management: Fix auto-reported crash relating to initialisation of User Interface Framework.
  • Fix: Data Lists: Fix auto-reported crash relating to access safety issue around refreshing contents of file-based lists.
  • Fix: User Database: Fixed auto-repoorted crash relating to safety checking of user object handles in WinGate users and groups.
  • Fix: Uninstall: Fixed issue with missing lua script file on uninstall
  • Fix: WinGate NAT: Fix auto-reported crash caused by race-condition on shutdown
  • Fix: Email Panel: Fix auto-reported crash relating to tooltips when attaching users to mailboxes.
  • Fix: Jscript: Fix auto-reported crash with string length attribute when used with string literals.
  • New: Server Core: Now supports Windows Server Core, you must install and run WinGate Management on another computer. WinGate makes the Remote Control Service available from install.
  • New: Firewall: Added default options to port security, so you can specify whether to log, use SYN cookies, or cloak connection failures on a per-table basis.
  • New: DNS client: Published schema member functions for the DNSClient global object: EnableServer, DisableServer, and IsServerEnabled – to allow script to enable or disable DNS servers used by the DNS client
  • New: WWW proxy: Added support to specify the SNI option used by the reverse proxy when connecting to a back end server with https.
  • New: TCP Mapping: Added new event PreConnect to enable policy to dictate the destination of the upstream connection. Enterprise license required.
  • New: Activity: Added option to discard credentials from machine record, to enable changes to credential rules to be more easily applied.
  • New: Schema: Published schema to make several more member values accessible from event handling. ClientSNIValue, ServerName.
  • New: Mail list: Added some additional list-related headers, and now rewrite From: header in order to satisfy DMARC-checking receivers.
  • New: Uninstall: Added uninstall survey.

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