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Tribler 7.10.0 – Stable Free p2p Client

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Tribler 7.10.0 – Stable Free p2p Client

Tribler is an open source peer-to-peer client with various features for watching videos online. The user interface is very basic and focused on ease of use, instead of including features.

This program is based on the BitTorrent protocol and uses an overlay network for content searching. Due to this overlay network Tribler does not require an external website or indexing service to discover content.

Tribler was created by university researchers trying to improve peer-to-peer technology. The application enhances BitTorrent by removing the need for central elements such as the websites for finding content. The aim is to increase performance, reliability, and scalability.

Tribler Features:

  • Anonymity. Anonymous downloads with strong encryption, onion routing and hidden seeding. Uses a custom Tor-like network.
  • User interface. Check out our general user interface and other screenshots. We try to make sharing easy and accessible.
  • No websites. The application ncludes search. You can find a lot of videos without any web site. We try to make Tribler impossible to censor and hard to kill.
  • Open Source. Tribler is Open Source and non-profit.
  • Streaming. This app can play your videos. You can watch even before the download is finished.

The main features include: video-only searching, experimental video streaming, and an integrated video player. The SwarmPlayer which is a Python based BitTorrent Internet TV viewer. It allows you to watch BitTorrent-hosted peer-to-peer digital media distribution of video on demand and plays live streaming media.

Tribler adds keyword search ability to the BitTorrent file download protocol using a gossip protocol. That is somewhat similar to the eXeem network which was shut down in 2005.

After a dozen downloads this software can roughly estimate the download taste of the user and recommends content. This feature is based on collaborative filtering, also featured on websites such as and

Another feature is a limited form of social networking and donation of upload capacity. Tribler includes the ability to mark specific users as online friends. Such friends allows to increase the download speed of files by using their upload capacity. Due to these features this software differs from other popular BitTorrent clients such as Vuze and μTorrent.

Changes in Tribler 7.10.0:

  • Add version community mixin
  • Remove DNS lookup when contacting UDP trackers through a proxy
  • Ensure TorrentChecker.check_random_tracker makes requests using the default hop count
  • Update Socks5ClientUDPConnection.sendto to support hostnames
  • Fix typos in Socks5Client tests
  • Fix tunnel_helper –restapi option
  • Fix adding torrent to personal channel after creating torrent
  • Fix mismatched channel disconnects
  • Remove redundant timeout check in versioncheck manager
  • Uncover the real exception from CoreConnectTimeoutError
  • Add user-agent header to version check request
  • Remove focus rectangle on channels path breadcrumb
  • Fix incorrect translation crashing Settings page
  • Fix incorrect (un)quote of torrents’ file-URIs
  • Add autogenerated swagger.yaml to .gitignore
  • Remove v7.4 checkpoints that can’t be converted
  • Update IPv8 pointer
  • Don’t re-join a hidden swarm after having downloaded the metainfo
  • Fix some formatting issues in TriblerTunnelCommunity
  • Removed unnecessary code
  • Don’t log HTTPNotFound exceptions
  • Allow request to the downloads endpoint even if MetadataStore is disabled
  • Fixes: Object BandwidthTransaction was deleted outside of current transaction
  • Fixes: Move an async function call out of the db_session scope
  • Change GigaChannel community id
  • Disable old reporter
  • Refactor test_get_first_free_port
  • Fix dirty flag dropped when going back through channels stack
  • Fix thumbnails remaining on jumping to root channel view
  • Fix collection always in preview state
  • Update zh_CN translation
  • Update ru_RU translation and add dialog strings
  • Fix loading animation not hiding on going back in channels stack
  • Fix channel navigation not showing during preview loading
  • Change spacer height
  • Move add channel button under channels list
  • Change QSS styling for main window
  • Rearrange left menu
  • Fix Pylint issues
  • Add seeder
  • Fix seeding ratio
  • Refactor store
  • Update pt_BR localization
  • Fix missing % in translated string

Changes in Tribler 7.9.0:

  • Skip version cleanup on deployment test
  • Disable health column on Popular page
  • Add explanation for Popular page
  • Make torrent health messages processing threaded
  • Fix popularity endpoint to limit selection by the last 24hrs
  • Update IPv8 pointer
  • Add e2e circuit speedtest experiment
  • Add exit circuit speedtest experiment
  • Add hidden peer discovery experiment
  • Add support for removing old state directories on upgrade
  • Fixed bug with LedgerZero timestamps
  • Add EVA protocol
  • Hide torrent count when no count info available
  • Enriched log entry with peer info
  • Extend try-except block to whole function
  • Fix incorrectly updating channel progress from downloads
  • Replace “main” by “latest” for links
  • Docstrings added
  • Remove explicit inheritance from the object class
  • Combine multiple tests into a signle one for simplicity
  • Use pure-python is_bencoded function instead of libtorrent.bencode in TriblerTunnelCommunity Handle settings passed as dict
  • Make libtorrent import optional
  • Replace “devel” by “main”
  • Add additional tags
  • Make some imports in Session optional
  • Optionally attach the tribler-debug-ui webapp to the RootEndpoint
  • Replace logfunc() by
  • Update IPv8 pointer
  • Remove legacy GigaChannelCommunity compatibility
  • Extend boot logging
  • Update port reference
  • Extend network utils
  • Change default API port to 52194
  • Set Organisation for QSettings
  • Fix race condition in channels load
  • Add popular torrents tab
  • Fix is_tribler_process function
  • docs: fix simple typo, servicecs -> services
  • Remove hard-coded peer limits from DebugWindow
  • Remove max_peers from DiscoveryBooster
  • Use new IPv8 bootstrapping

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
  • macOS Yosemite or newer.
  • Linux Ubuntu.

Tribler Screenshot

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2 Comments on Tribler 7.10.0 – Stable Free p2p Client

  • Gravatar


    This program has great potential but there are not enough people participating in it. I have yet to be able to download or stream anything. I can also see Tribler needs a few more important features but I'm sure that will come in time. Although it's been in development for 6 years, it has a long way to go still. It's still in it's infancy.

  • Gravatar


    Thank God for this software should that fateful day ever come when all torrent sites are taken off the internet. Everyone should download this software and participate.