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VidMasta 27.7 – watch and download movies

VidMasta 27.7 – watch and download movies
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VidMasta is a search desktop utility to download, preview, watch and read summary about any movie and television titles that are being shared online.

Now you can watch and download movies and subtitres as well as television titles in any format with as few as two clicks of the mouse.

The first click is to hit the search button. The second click is to hit the download button.

VidMasta uses “Deep Search, Best Source” algorithm for superior video download links.

The algorithm agglomerates all possible download links based on variations of the search query and chooses the best link based on factors such as reliability, number of downloaders and uploaders, and video file size.

The available formats are “ANY”, “HQ”, DVD, 720 HD, and 1080 HD. “ANY” is any video quality.

“HQ” is high video quality (TV video quality or better). DVD is DVD video quality. 720 HD is 720p video quality. 1080 HD is 1080i/p video quality.

VidMasta Features:

  • Watch or download movie and television titles in any format (TV, DVD, 720p, 1080i/p)
  • Anonymity via automatic filtering of untrusty IPs, the use of proxies, and encryption
  • “Deep Search, Best Source” algorithm for superior video download links.
  • “Popular Movies” option to display recent movies that have been downloaded the most
  • “Popular TV Shows” option to display recent TV shows that have been downloaded the most
  • Download video subtitles
  • Set the number of results per search
  • Set the minimum and maximum size of a video file that you want download
  • Set the video file extensions that you want download
  • Search for movie and television titles by name, release date, genre, rating, country, and language
  • Automatic ordering of search results by popularity
  • Hear and read small summaries of titles
  • View trailers of titles
  • View release dates and ratings of titles
  • Email download links and trailer links
  • Detection of video box sets
  • PeerBlock integration (only available for Windows XP and higher)

Changes in VidMasta 27.7 (2021-11-22):

  • CHANGE: CORE | Improved connection error recovery speed

Changes in VidMasta 27.6 (2021-10-14):

  • CHANGE: CORE | Fixed startup issue with Java 17 and higher support on Linux and Mac introduced in version 27.5

Changes in VidMasta 27.5 (2021-10-12):

  • CHANGE: CORE | Added support for Java 17 and higher

Changes in VidMasta 27.4 (2021-10-12):

  • CHANGE: CORE | Fixed intermittent download resume progress calculation bug introduced in version 27.2

Changes in VidMasta 27.3 (2021-09-24):

  • CHANGE: CORE | Fixed connection issues due to changes in video info source

Changes in VidMasta 27.2 (2021-09-13):

  • CHANGE: CORE | Improved performance and mitigated connection errors (due to throttling) by improving cache management
  • CHANGE: CORE | Improved download performance
  • CHANGE: CORE | Improved accuracy of TV show season download link searches
  • CHANGE: CORE | Updated list of untrusty IPs that are automatically filtered
  • CHANGE: UI | Added ability to enable/disable the “Ban” feature via a new menu item “Enable Ban”
  • CHANGE: UI | Improved click action of checkboxes and radio buttons
  • CHANGE: UI | Updated autocompletion titles
  • CHANGE: UI | Fixed the exit menu item by making it close the application instead of minimizing the application to the system tray

Changes in VidMasta 27.1 (2020-09-27):

  • CHANGE: UI | Always showed airdate when an unfound TV show episode is added to the playlist
  • CHANGE: CORE | Improved download performance
  • CHANGE: UI | Only showed download port change message when absolutely necessary

Changes in VidMasta 27.0 (2020-09-21):

  • CHANGE: CORE | Upgraded from Java 7 to Java 8
  • CHANGE: CORE | Fixed download connectivity issues
  • CHANGE: UI | Simplified trailer search season selection
  • CHANGE: UI | Removed deprecated web browser downloader option

Changes in VidMasta 26.0 (2019-05-25):

  • CHANGE: UI | Simplified UI
  • CHANGE: UI | Improved UI responsiveness

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.

Vidmasta screenshot