ReGet Deluxe 5.2 Build 330

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ReGet Deluxe is a modern dowload manager, offering a rich feature set to help you improve speed and organize your downloads, wherever they are from web, ftp, local network shares or media-streaming servers.

It is extremely easy to setup, it integrates well into popular browsers so the downloads are transferred to ReGet Deluxe automatically.

It can download a file simultaneously in a number of sections to improve speed of your downloads and provides you with categories should you want to automatically organize your downloads into folders.

Wherever you have a dial-up (modem) connection to the Internet or super-fast cable or ADSL, ReGet Deluxe will fully utilize the bandwidth of your connection and download files in a blast!

But there are some advanced features too – like complete customization, scheduler, macros, MSIE Spy, FTP Explorer, broad support for proxy-servers and authentication, partially downloaded files preview and recursive web-site downloading.

ReGet Deluxe Features:

Installation, Compatibility, Integration

  • Auto-tuning Select your connection type/speed and ReGet Deluxe will automatically tune the download settings to use your Internet connection to its fullest extent.
  • Browser integration ReGet Deluxe intercepts downloads from Microsoft Internet Explorer (and all IE-based browsers like Maxthon), as well as downloads from Mozilla Firefox and Opera.
  • ReGet Bar ReGet Bar allows you to monitor and control ReGet Deluxe from your favorite browser.
  • Proxy detection and support ReGet Deluxe automatically detects your browser proxy server settings.
  • Three user interface modes Choose the interface mode (Simple, Advanced or Expert) according to your downloading needs and experience.
  • Easy multiple links downloading ReGet Deluxe allows quick download of multiple files linked from the same page with the original “Download All by ReGet Deluxe” browser context menu command.
  • Dial-up modem support features ReGet Deluxe has a built-in dial-up integration. You don’t have to run a lot of programs to download just one file. ReGet Deluxe can dial up to your ISP, download files and hang up when the download is finished.
  • Deep browser integration Advanced (low-level) browser integration allows ReGet Deluxe to intercept and process all types of links, including forms and redirection scripts.
  • Floating window for link drops Drop one link or a lrage text with a number of links onto the floating window and ReGet Deluxe will start downloads.

Downloading Features

  • Basic and secure protocols ReGet Deluxe supports file download (retrieval) from both file transfer (FTP) and web (HTTP) servers, secure web (HTTPS) and secure file transfer (SFTP) servers and supports FTP compression (MODE Z).
  • Multimedia protocols ReGet Deluxe also supports mutlimedia streaming protocols (MMS, RTSP) and can retrieve media content thru these protocols.
  • Interrupted downloads resuming ReGet Deluxe resumes broken and paused downloads from where they were left off. It saves you time and traffic as you don’t have to download again what you already have on your hard-drive.
  • No retreat, no surrender ReGet Deluxe will make unlimited attempts to download the file until the download is completed.
  • Online storage support ReGet Deluxe can download from online file sharing and storage (like,, etc).
  • LAN downloads ReGet Deluxe can also download files from the shares in your local network.

Speed Improvements

  • Multi-section downloads 3-5 times speed improvement: with ReGet Deluxe feature to split the files being downloaded in sections and download all the sections at the same time. That is from 300% to 500% improvement!
  • IE activity detection ReGet Deluxe can detect browser activity and automatically lower its traffic usage if the browser transfers data, giving you the ability to browse the Internet without interrupting your downloads.
  • Jump-start downloads If one particular download slows down, ReGet Deluxe can reconnect to a server, giving a jump start to your download.
  • Mirror-search ReGet automatically searches for additional locations (mirrors) for your downloads and chooses the optimal location to download from. More information (including privacy issues) about Mirror Search feature can be found here.
  • Traffic limiting Traffic-limit mode allows you to adjust the bandwidth used by ReGet Deluxe manually.

Downloads Management, Organization

  • Site manager With the Site Manager you can set the downloading properties (such as login and password, maximum allowed connections, etc.) for any server you will be downloading from.
  • Advanced history Advanced History will give you information about all the files you have ever downloaded. You’ll never forget when, what and from where you have downloaded a file and where it is stored.
  • Categories for downloads Use Categories feature to define the download folder depending on the type of downloaded file (like music, video, games, software).
  • Built-in macros Use macros to automatically create folders according to the extensions of downloaded files, date of downloading or name of the target server.
  • Auto-assign category You can automatically assign category to a download according to file extention or name of the target server.
  • Colored categories Now you can assign different colors to categories – make your download queue colorful.

Advanced features

  • Built-in MSIE Spy MSIE Spy is the program for monitoring browser activity. Watch the real URLs of all the files downloaded by the browser, otherwise invisible to the user, such as graphics, scripts, banners, buttons including CSS and javascript files, etc.
  • Built-in scheduler The Advanced Scheduler lets you schedule such events as: start and pause downloads, start and close program, dial and hang up. You can set any ReGet Deluxe event to happen at any time you want, regularly or depending on another event.
  • Built-in FTP Explorer The FTP Explorer allows you to view the structure of a remote FTP server in a user-friendly format, so you can choose what files or directories he wants to download.
  • Offline mode Switching on/off the Offline mode you can stop/start all downloads in one click.
  • ZIP preview Partial ZIP Download command allows you to preview any ZIP archive before downloading and download only selected files.
  • Recursive web-site downloading Now you can download the whole web-site in a few clicks. If a downloaded file is HTML document ReGet suggests you to download all the files linked from this page (if on the next step ReGet downloads an HTML page it suggests to continue downloading, etc.)
  • Logging ReGet Deluxe provides extensive logging of every download attempt and every program action, whether it was successful or failed.
  • Online search Online search pane allows to look up the downloads by the filename online.
  • Anti-virus support If your antivirus solution isn’t set to monitor all incoming files, you can use macros to enable antivirus checking on download completion to make your downloads secure from viruses and trojans.

Changes in ReGet Deluxe 5.2 Build 330 [07 July 2008] :

  • Included new plugin for Mozilla Firefox 3 (back compatibility with Firefox 2)
  • Included new plugin for Opera 9.5 (back compatibility with earlier versions)

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Size: 2.38 MB

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