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Free Download Manager 6.15.3 Build 4236

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Free Download Manager 6.15.3 Build 4236

Free Download Manager (FDM) is a light-weight, powerful and easy-to-use, a full-featured download accelerator and manager. Moreover, FDM is 100% safe, open-source software distributed under GPL license.

Free Download Manager allows you to download files and whole web sites from any remote server via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. With FDM the downloading process will be as easy as never! With FDM you needn’t start the downloading from the beginning after casual interruption.

You can resume unfinished download from the place where it have been interrupted. Also this program warns you if some servers don’t support download resuming.

This Download Manager never downloads the whole file at once. FDM splits files into several sections and then downloads them at the same time allowing you to increase your download speed up to 600%. Also it can be used to organize your downloads, set the connection, launch the programs.

Free Download Manager Features:

  • Flash video download. Download video from video sites, such as Youtube, Google Video, etc. You can save the video in native .flv format or convert to one of more popular video formats.
  • Bittorrent support. Download files using Bittorrent protocol.
  • Upload manager. Easy way to share your files. Upload your files or folders easily to share them with other users.
  • Remote Control. Create new downloads or view the list of active and completed downloads remotely, via the internet.
  • Portable mode. If you want to use FDM on different computers, you can easily create its portable version and avoid the need to install and configure the program on each computer.
  • Enhanced audio/video files support. Preview audio/video files before download is completed and convert file format after download.
  • Download acceleration. Free Download Manager splits files into several sections and downloads them simultaneously. That allows you to use any type of connection at the maximum available speed.
  • Resuming broken downloads. When the downloading process is interrupted, you don’t need start from the beginning again.

Other Features:

  • Adjusting traffic usage. There are several traffic usage modes. You can adjust traffic usage for browsing the Internet and downloading files at the same time.
  • Site Explorer. Site Explorer lets you view the folders structure of a web site and easily download necessary files or folders.
  • HTML Spider. Download whole web pages or even whole web sites with HTML Spider. You can adjust this tool to download files with specified extensions only.
  • Simultaneous downloading from several mirrors. FDM is able to download files from several mirrors simultaneously.
  • Zip files partial download. Free Download Manager lets you download only the necessary part of a zip file.
  • Absolutely free and 100% safe. Free Download Manager is free, open-source software distributed under GPL license.

Changes in Free Download Manager (2021-10-16):

  • Fixed: FDM was generating false download failed notifications if the silent monitoring was turned on.

Changes in Free Download Manager (2021-10-15):

  • Fixed: FDM could hang in some cases.
  • Fixed: minor bugs.
  • Fixed: Windows: FDM was preventing storage from safe removal.
  • Fixed: Linux: bug moving files to trash.

Changes in Free Download Manager (2021-09-03):

  • Improved database backup mechanism.
  • Save converted files directly to the specified directory, if converting not a whole download.
  • Force show foreground the main window in case FDM must ask the user about what to do with an existing file.
  • Fixed: FDM database was never compacted so it continue to always grow up in size.
  • Fixed: work around the case that OS can mislead FDM about the current Internet connection state.
  • Fixed: HTTP -> torrent was processed incorrectly, which could lead to serious troubles in export/import mechanism.
  • Fixed: minor interface bugs.
  • Fixed: Windows: main window’s title bar was not following chosen theme in some cases.

Changes in Free Download Manager (2021-08-30):

  • Windows: improved support of the dark theme.
  • Fixed: FDM was crashing trying to start downloads created in previous versions.

Changes in Free Download Manager (2021-08-28):

  • Move downloads up and down in the list.
  • “Save as…” button in Create Download dialog.
  • BitTorrent settings tab added.
  • Reset settings to defaults button added.
  • Remember chosen quality, file type, etc. when creating a new download.
  • Check for a new version of FDM: show changelog.
  • “Restore hidden state when finished adding new downloads” option.
  • “Download link likely expired” dialog.
  • “Missing Files” filter.
  • Minor interface improvements.
  • macOS: full screen mode support.
  • Android: open download links in the built-in web browser.
  • Fixed: FDM could not notice file removal in some cases.
  • Fixed: several days were missing in scheduler’s interface.
  • Fixed: various bugs and problems of exporting/importing downloads.
  • Fixed: minor interface bugs.
  • Fixed: Windows: FDM was conflicting with itself when running under different accounts simulteneously.
  • Fixed: macOS: import data from FDM5 was completely broken.
  • Fixed: macOS: FDM was using discrete graphics only on macOS supporting switchable devices.
  • Fixed: Android: magnet links were not intercepted in the built-in browser.
  • Fixed: Android: in some cases interface was ignoring option to automatically remove downloads with deleted files.
  • Fixed: Android: built-in web browser was not sending HTTP referrer header in some cases.

Changes in Free Download Manager (2021-05-21):

  • UI: show the reason of disabled automatic downloads (e.g. due to low battery)
  • “Automatically remove deleted files from download list” option redesign. Service .freedownloadmanager folders are not created anymore and can be safely deleted.
  • Fixed: bug shutting down FDM (some downloads states could not be saved in some cases)
  • Fixed: various interface bugs.
  • Fixed: disable “Move Files” menu for downloads merging files.
  • Fixed: Windows: bug detecting online state.

Changes in Free Download Manager (2021-04-16):

  • Various interface improvments.
  • Fixed: various interface bugs.
  • Fixed: HTTP/HTTPS downloads could not be stopped in some cases.
  • Fixed: bug converting from MKV to MP3.
  • Fixed: macOS: blurred images on Retina displays.

Changes in Free Download Manager (2021-02-09):

  • Toolbar’s “Pause”/”Start” buttons now works for the seeding torrents also.
  • Show merge operations progress.
  • macOS: “Show total upload speed in the Dock icon” option.
  • Fixed: Google Drive downloads issues.
  • Fixed: Update total speed indicators without significant lag.
  • Fixed: Incorrect source page URL was shown if a download was added via Google Chrome browser (requires at least 3.0.55 version of extension).
  • Fixed: Windows: bugs updating FDM5 to FDM6.

Changes in Free Download Manager 3.9.7 Build 1641 (2018-11-15):

  • Firefox: updated integration mechanism. Now FDM uses ffext2 WebExtension from AMO.
  • Note for the users updating from previous versions: please remove old FDM extension from all Firefox profiles and close Firefox browser before installing and running updated FDM.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: from Windows XP to Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit) and Mac OS X 10.9 +.

Supported languages: Macedonian, Serbian, Albanian, Croatian, Korean, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese Traditional, Chinese, Czech, German, Dutch. French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Romanian. Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Uzbek, Greek, Vietnamese, Slovenian.

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9 Comments on Free Download Manager 6.15.3 Build 4236

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    Working great and freeware..amazing..!!

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    So nice downloader! No shareware downloader! YES FREE DOWNLOAD MANAGER!

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    Great Alternative to IDM

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    I commented this software as the best download manager over a year ago and it still is.

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    IDM is great ...
    btw by seeing above comments i wil say..hey fohtat826 which win7 u useing..homemade :P

  • Gravatar


    i use it with win7 32.

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    BTW, the stable version is 3.0 Build 851 and not 3.0 Build 871

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    I rank this one right up there with Internet Download Manager. I can't wail till the final version is out.

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    Best download manager ever!!!