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WYSIWYG Web Builder 17.2.1 – 17% OFF

WYSIWYG Web Builder 17.2.1 – 17% OFF
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WYSIWYG Web Builder 17 is a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) program used to create web pages. WYSIWYG means that the finished page will display exactly the way it was designed.

The program generates HTML (HyperText Markup Language) tags while you point and click on desired functions. You can create a web page without learning HTML. Just drag and drop objects to the page position them ‘anywhere’ you want. And when you’re finished publish it to your web server (using the build in Publish tool).

BUY NOW WYSIWYG Web Builder 17 – 17% OFF

The ‘Responsive Web Design’ tool allows you to create a single HTML page containing different variants of the layout. Each is optimized for specific device widths. Your website will dynamically respond to the screen size of the visitor and display the layout most appropriate to their device. These different variants are called ‘breakpoints’ and this concept is based on CSS3’s media queries.

WYSIWYG Web Builder 17 gives you full control over the content and layout of your web page. With the ‘Standard Tools’ toolbar you can execute basic commands like Create a new web site, Open an existing web site, Save, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo.

A breakpoint is separate ‘view’ of the page in WYSIWYG Web Builder. A page can have multiple breakpoints, each one optimized for a specific screen width. For example, you can have the standard desktop layout, one for tablets (1024 px) and another one for mobile phones (320 px).

WYSIWYG Web Builder now has a built-in designer for mobile web pages. This makes it easy to create a mobile version of your website without the need for external software.

WYSIWYG Web Builder 17 Key Features:

  • Responsive Web Design. Built-in support for layout grid, flexbox, css grid or fixed layouts with breakpoints
  • Web Fonts. Easily add Google Fonts and other Web Fonts to your website.
  • Animations. Add amazing pre made animations and transtions or create your own animations. Included more than 150 pre-defined animations.
  • Pre-made Blocks. Use pre-made blocks to quickly get started. More than 150 blocks are available!
  • Forms Tools. Send Emails, Upload Files, Store Data in MySQL or CSV, Auto Responder, Password Protect Pages, Form Validation, Conditons/Calculations
  • Images and Media. Image filters, shapes, galleries, carousels, lightboxes, rollover animations, YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 Video/Audio
  • Icon Libaries. Support for Font Awesome, Material Icons and many other icon libraries
  • Navigation. Navigation buttons, drop down menus, fullscreen menu, mega menu, panel menu, breadcrumb, pagination and much more!
  • Extensions. Hundreds of extensions to add extra functionality to the software. Including slideshows, navigation, audio/video, webshops, data viewers etc.

Desktop publishing for the web, build web sites as easy as Drag and Drop!

  • “One Click Publishing” No FTP program needed. No special hosting required, use with any Hosting Service!
  • Easily create forms using the built-in Form Wizard plus Form validation tools and built-in CAPTCHA.
  • Advanced graphics tools like shapes, textart, rotation, shadows and many other image effects.
  • Fully integrated jQuery UI (Accordion, Tabs etc), animations, effects and built-in ThemeRoller theme editor.
  • Google compatible sitemap generator / PayPal eCommerce Tools
  • Many navigation tools available: Navigation bars, tab menus, dropdown menus, sitetree, slidemenus.
  • Built-in Slide Shows, Photo Galleries, Rollover images, Banners etc.
  • Support for YouTube, Flash Video, Windows Media Player and many other video formats.
  • Unique extension (add-on) system with already more than 250 extensions available!

Create HTML5 / CSS3 websites today!

  • HTML5 document type (optimized HTML5 output).
  • CSS3 @font-face. Use non web safe fonts in all modern browsers.
  • HTML5 audio/video and YouTube HTML5 support.
  • CSS3 opacity, border radius, box shadow.
  • HTML5 forms: native form validation, new input types and options, web storage.
  • HTML5 canvas and svg support in shapes and other drawing tools.
  • CSS3 gradients. Add cool gradient effects using native CSS3 (no images).
  • CSS3 navigation menu. Create awesome menus without using JavaScript or images.
  • CSS3 animations and transitions. Including support for 2D and 3D transforms!

What’s New in WYSIWYG Web Builder 17.2.1:

  • Fixed: Some background properties of Breadcrumb and Pagination are not saved.
  • Fixed: Memory leak in navigation bar dialog and page properties.
  • Improved: Dark mode rendering of navigation bar image selection.
  • Improved: HTML beautifier now preserves formatting of tags in SVG.
  • Improved: Added the ability to alphabetically sort columns in the Link Manager.
  • Improved: Margin and padding in style sheet no longer have unit for zero values (0px -> 0).

What’s New in WYSIWYG Web Builder 17.2.0:

  • Improved: Implemented a workaround for Google’s webmaster tools “Sitemap can be read, but has errors” warning.
  • Improved: Optimized memory management for extensions, in most cases the software now supports up to 300 extensions (instead of 250 previously)
  • Improved: Added ‘handling’ support to PayPal Shopping Cart checkout. If the ‘Handling costs’ property is set for ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ then the value will now also be included in PayPal checkout. Note that the cart itself currently does not display the shipping costs, but they be visible in the PayPal payment overview.
  • Improved: Added ‘disabled’ support to ‘File Upload’ with default browser style off. The enable/disable state can also be controlled via events.
  • Improved: Added role=”switch” to Flip Switch to more accurately convey the nature of the control to assistive technologies that support this role.
  • New feature: Added support for export to ‘Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder 9’ projects.
  • New feature: Added ‘full width’ options to Toast (top and bottom).
  • New feature: Added the ability to set the cursor of a form button via the properties dialog.
  • New feature: Added ‘Use hover style to indicate the current level’ option to CSS Menu, Themeable Menu and Responsive Menu. This option highlights the main item if one of the sub-items is linked to the current page.
  • New feature: The login form now also stores the email address in a session variable $_SESSION[’email’], so it can be displayed on pages.
  • New feature: Added ‘Display Email Address’ option to Login name object.
  • New feature: Added ‘Validation Pattern’ property to ‘Signup’ and ‘Edit account’ objects. This property specifies a regular expression to validate the username.
  • New feature: Added ‘disabled’ property to Card’s button element. This may be useful to temporally disable the button without removing the link.
  • New feature: Added ‘cursor’ property to Card’s button element. This can be used to override the default cursor of the button.
  • New feature: Added the ability to set a hyperlink for the ‘Terms and conditions’ text in the PayPal Shopping Cart. The hyperlink can be set via the ‘Link’ button in the main menu.
  • New feature: Added support for PayPal shipping in Ecommerce events. The new options can be set via the ‘More’ button in the ‘Ecommerce’ event properties.
  • Base shipping: The cost of shipping this item if you have enabled item-specific shipping costs.
  • Extra shipping: The cost of shipping each additional item.
  • Handling costs: Handling charges. This is not quantity-specific. The same handling cost is charged regardless of the number of items purchased.
  • Shipping: Specifies whether to prompt the customer for a shipping address.

What’s New in WYSIWYG Web Builder 17.1.4:

  • Fixed: FlexContainer at height 75vh, 50vh etc shrinks to 20px in workspace.
  • Fixed: Issue with Snipcart API.
  • Fixed: Overlay Menu ‘direction’ property cannot be set via properties dialog.
  • Improved: Responsive behavior of jQuery UI dialog.
  • Improved: Added support for margin to DatePicker.
  • Improved: Optimized Visual Theme loading sequence.
  • Improved: Error handling for multiple file attachments in form processing script.
  • Improved: Implemented a workaround for Google’s webmaster tools “indexed, not submitted in sitemap” warning: ‘index.html’ is no longer included in the URL.
  • Improved: Multi-color border rendering in workspace.
  • Improved: border-radius in Themeable menu is now also applied to hover items (last-child).
  • New feature: Holding the Shift-key while clicking OK in the Card properties applies the margin, padding and font-size to all breakpoints. See also ‘SHIFT-tricks’ in the help.

What’s New in WYSIWYG Web Builder 17.1.3:

  • Improved: Added ‘width’ and height’ attributes to navigation images in Carousel and SlideShow (Google Lighthouse improvement).
  • Improved: Moved ‘vcpopup.css’ (Vibracart Pro) between head tags.
  • Improved: Added ‘info tip’ icon when Shape output format is set to CSS: CSS only supports rectangle, ellipse and rounded corner shapes.
  • Improved: After selecting ‘Image Place holder’, the image insert mode will be reset to default.
  • Improved: When using tax in the PayPal object, the ‘tax_cart’ variable will be added automatically so the tax will also be included in the PayPal Shopping Cart checkout.
  • Improved: Removed deprecated ‘no_note’ variable from PayPal HTML output.
  • Improved: “Import page from another project” now displays a message when no pages have been selected: “To select a page, the box in front of the page name must be checked.”
  • Improved: Several improvements related to internal font-family cache.
  • Improved: Added the ability to use negative letter spacing in Text object.

What’s New in WYSIWYG Web Builder 17.1.2:

  • Fixed: Issue with line-break after ‘image:svg+xml;’ in CSS beautifier.
  • Fixed: Timing issues with PayPal Shopping Cart and jQuery v3.
  • Fixed: Incorrect ‘Bookmark’ tab title in Heading properties.
  • Improved: Flexcontainer direction property now also supports ‘column-reverse’ and ‘row-reverse’ in breakpoints.
  • Improved: Vertical pagination (center) of the Carousel/SlideShow is now responsive.

What’s New in WYSIWYG Web Builder 17.1.1:

  • Improved: Added recent colors to color pickers in Shape text.
  • Improved: Added the ability to sort the ‘Status’ column in the Link Manager.
  • Fixed: Issue with links in some extensions.
  • Fixed: Issue with URL history in link properties.
  • Fixed: Issue with “Make Default” Page Properties -> Icons.

What’s New in WYSIWYG Web Builder 17.1.0:

  • Improved: Added support for ‘Font Awesome 6 Pro Regular’ (internal mapping to ‘Font Awesome 6 Pro’). Note that we are not allowed to distribute the font library, so this is only for licensed users of ‘Font Awesome 6 Pro’.
  • Improved: Implemented several improvements in the login tools.
  • Improved: Mega Menu ARIA support improvements.
  • Improved: ‘Button only’ items in Mega Menus are now also supported in mobile/responsive mode.

What’s New in WYSIWYG Web Builder 17.0.5:

  • Improved: Several improvements related to icons in extensions created with Extension Builder.
  • Improved: Updated plyr scripts to version 3.6.9
  • Improved: SEO Assistant now activates ‘wait’ cursor when processing the page, to indicate that it’s busy.
  • Improved: ‘Use hover style to indicate current page’ is now also supported in sub menus of the CSS menu.
  • Improved: When using stencils and shapes on webp images, the output format is now also webp (instead of png).
  • Improved: The progress bar is updated in smaller steps during publishing/uploading large files, instead of updating the status only after the file has been uploaded completely.
  • Fixed: In the SlideShow/Carousel it is not possible to switch to full width. The corresponding function is hidden by the ‘Settings’ button.
  • Fixed: Issue with web-storage in nested layout grid forms.
  • Fixed: When filter/search in the Site Manager is active, then it should not be possible to move pages because this may corrupt the site structure.

What’s New in WYSIWYG Web Builder 17:

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.

WYSIWYG Web Builder screenshot