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F-Secure Anti-Virus 17.5

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F-Secure Anti-Virus 17.5

F-Secure Anti-Virus is must-have advanced malware protection for your PC and Mac. You need advanced detection and protection technology to protect your PC against modern and complex threats.

F-Secure Anti-Virus for PC and Mac provides protection against viruses, spyware, infected e-mail attachments and other malware. Automatic updates and real-time response guarantee the fastest protection against all new threats.

BUY NOW F-Secure Anti-Virus – $39.99

F-Secure Anti-Virus will detect and remove secretly installed applications from your PC better than ever before, thus ensuring that your system will be running smoothly and without malware.

F-Secure Anti-Virus for PC and Mac is easy to install and it does not slow down your computer. Make sure you protect with the best.

Benefits of F-Secure Anti-Virus for PC and Mac:

  • Protect your PC or Mac against viruses, spyware and other malware
  • Make sure you have advanced malware removal technology
  • Stop harmful attacks on your computer
  • Protect your computer with a proactive security solution
  • Keep your security always up-to-date with automatic updates
  • Use your computer safely without slowing it down

Powerful Security:

  • Anti-Virus. Open eMail attachments and use your computer without any fear of virus infections, spyware intrusion or malicious programs
  • Anti-Spyware. Protect your privacy by preventing spyware and hackers from entering your computer
  • Ransomware Protection. Monitors protected folders and blocks suspicioos activity by applications like ransomware.
  • Firewall. Allows only safe Internet connections from your computer and blocks intrusions from the Internet.
  • DeepGuard. New proactive DeepGuard technology protects you against any unknown threats
  • Performance. The anti-virus software working from behind the scene

Advanced Technology:

  • Enhanced detection performance and reduced system overhead
  • Automates all key tasks required to keep your computer and data safe from viruses
  • Keeps you safe against the unknown targeted attacks, or so called zero-day-attacks, and rootkits
  • Web Traffic Scanning guards you against websites that can infect your computer even if you do not download anything from the website
  • Multiple scanning engines identify different type of malware bringing you the very best in malware detection and disinfection
  • F-Secure DeepGuard 5 provides network based recognition of suspicious software while improving the accuracy and speed of response to new outbreaks of malicious code

What’s New in F-Secure Anti-Virus 17.5:

Dialog and notification enhancements

  • ‘Recent events’ has a Clear all button.
  • The Advanced network protection toast message for potentially unwanted application (riskware) has a Trust button.
  • The DeepGuard toast message for potentially unwanted application (riskware) has a Remove button.

Family Rules enhancements

  • The main user interface displays a warning if a child’s account has administrative rights and parental control/family rules is turned on.
  • The Allow/deny web sites feature works for individual web pages; not just web sites.

Product architecture changed

  • Instead of three separate modules that combined to make the product, there is now just a single package.
  • The product is installed first, and the license is entered/acquired after installation.
  • The new architecture makes the installation and updates more reliable.
  • Smaller disk space required.
  • Reduced the memory footprint (excluding Ultralight processes).

Subscription/licensing subsystem redesign

  • A subscription reminder is first shown as a toast message and only closer to expiration date, as a dialog.
  • The subscription expiration date is shown in the local timezone with hour accuracy.
  • The main user interface has a Manage subscription link, which turns into a Renew link when the subscription is about to expire.
  • A subscription update is shown as a toast message with the new end date (if available).
  • The subscription status updates faster and in all places of the product at the same time.
  • The new virus signature databases are not downloaded when the product has expired.

Other improvements

  • When you report a website from the browsing protection block page, the URL is pre-filled in the submit form.
  • Support for the Korean language was added.
  • The F-Secure Support tool has been improved:
    • The F-Secure Support tool supports high resolution and accessibility features.
    • The F-Secure Support tool uses zlib for compression instead of 7-zip. You can now inspect more easily what has been collected before you send it to F-Secure. This helps with privacy and transparency.

The following features were removed:

  • The Installation complete page, as it did not bring additional value.
  • A warning indicating the Firewall is off. Windows shows the warning already.
  • Browsing time lock mode. Now the whole device is always locked.
  • The Installed applications page from Common settings.
  • The Subscription keys page from Common settings.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Available languages: čeština, dansk, Deutsch, eesti, English, español, español latinoaméricano, français, français canadien, magyar, italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, polski, português, português brasileiro, română, slovenščina, suomi, svenska, tiếng Việt, Türkçe, ελληνικά, български, русский, 简体中文, 繁體中文 (臺灣), 日本語, 繁體中文 (香港).

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