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nVIDIA Gelato for Windows 2.2 Release 1


nVIDIA GelatoNVIDIA Gelato rendering software allows anyone with an NVIDIA GPU to create stunning images fast. A hardware-accelerated, non-real-time renderer, nVIDIA Gelato was originally designed for the creation of 3D visual effects and animation in feature films. But nVIDIA Gelato is a powerful tool for any number of industries, including film and broadcast, CAD, architecture, and print. nVIDIA Gelato is a software program that leverages the NVIDIA GPU as a floating point math processor. This allows nVIDIA Gelato to render images faster than comparable renderers, but without the quality limitations traditionally associated with real-time graphics processing on the GPU. Gelato Basic is available free of charge. If you require extra power in your 3D rendering pipeline, you can upgrade to nVIDIA Gelato Pro.