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Available for:

FarStone DriveClone 11.10 Build 20150825

FarStone DriveClone 11.10 Build 20150825
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FarStone DriveClone 11 is an easy to use professional SSD and HDD cloning software which copies/clones Windows and all files, including applications, settings and disk partition information from one original hard drive to a SSD or another hard drive in a few clicks. It is a perfect solution for transfer, movement, backup and recovery files and data from hard drives and solid state drives.

DriveClone makes an exact copy of your hard drive to SSD with Smart Disk Cloning, Perfect Disk Defrag, Universal Cloning, Volume Cloning, and Automatic Partition Resizing features.

User can immediately use the cloned SSD or HDD to boot PC system and use applications as a complete replacement, making the transition and migration from old HDD/SSD to new SSD/HDD simple and fast.

FarStone DriveClone 11 also maintains cloned disk in Universal Cloning Format. Universal Cloning format enables booting on different computer systems.

With volume cloning technology, DriveClone 11 is able to clone Windows, RAID systems, more than 4TB HDD, GPT and UEFI systems. Unlike sector by sector cloning method, volume cloning method is much more secure, stable, and safe.

FarStone DriveClone Features:

  • Hard Drive to Hard Drive Cloning
  • Solid State Drive Cloning
  • Hard Drive to SSD Cloning
  • Clone Hard Drive is Immediately Bootable
  • Clone Different Size Hard Drives and Solid State Drives
  • Any Size Drive Cloning (larger than 4TB drive)
  • Clone the Entire Hard Drive & Windows
  • Clone to Bigger or Smaller Drive
  • Incremental Cloning
  • UEFI/GPT/RAID Cloning
  • Convert to VMware and Hyper-v
  • Mirror Drive

Other Features:

  • The program is capable to clone system to a VMware or Hyper-v virtual image file. The virtual image file can be loaded and played directly in VMware and Hyper-v for 0 time (RTO) disaster recovery.
  • DriveClone will 100% defrag all sectors before writing to the destination hard drive, boosts the cloned drive’s performance 20% faster.
  • Excludes unnecessary files from copying and cloning to destination drive, saving 10GB-70GB space.
  • Keeps the cloned drive in a “Universal Bootable Format”, allow it to boot on different computers; making migrate/replace new PC simple and easy.
  • DriveClone allows excluding files from cloning.
  • DriveClone will automatically format and partitioning the destination hard drive according to the source hard drive partition structure.
  • Clone Microsoft Exchange Server (with database, mailbox and email)
  • Automatically or manually partition(s) resizing
  • Clone Microsoft SharePoint Server (with database, site and document clone)
  • Clone Microsoft SQL Server (with database clone)
  • Support UEFI, GPT, RAID, and > 2TB (3TB, 4TB, …) – 100% Guaranteed
  • Copy/Clone Raid system, GPT disk and Dynamic disk
  • Copy/Clone Ultrabook Hybrid disk system

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There are 2 editions:

  • Standard: Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Server/Workstation: Supports Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003