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Diskeeper 2008 12.0.781

Diskeeper 2008 12.0.781
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Diskeeper 2008 is a fully automatic defragmentation engine that replaces the standard Windows disk defragmenter which runs only manually, consumes high resoureces and rewquires full administrator privileges to operate. Diskeeper 2008 constantly monitors and maintains your systems maximum performance, using the fastest defrag engine.

The program includes a unique `Set It and Forget It` functionality with Smart Scheduling, that, once set, runs invisibly and fully automatic in the background. In addition, the Frag Guard feature helps prevent fragmentation in your most critical system files.

Additional features include boot-time defrag, priority settings as well as the ability to defrag multiple disks automatically and simultaneously while system is in use.

Diskeeper 2008 new features include the ability to defrag in the most extreme levels of low free space or the highest levels of crippling file fragmentation. Intelligent defrag dynamically chooses which software engine will net the most performance gains on a given system or environment. This is all done completely transparently, in real time, tapping the full power of otherwise unused idle resources with a highly advanced background processing technology called, InvisiTasking.

Diskeeper 2008 also introduces the most powerful defragmentation engines ever developed. Even on systems with as little as 1% free space available, Diskeeper can restore performance and reliability. New engines also handle crippling levels of file fragmentation numbering in the millions, as seen at large enterprise sites with massive server traffic.

And lastly, the “brains” behind Diskeeper 2008 contain an intelligent defrag function. That detects volume and system conditions (e.g. low free space or heavy fragmentation) and dynamically chooses the most effective software engine to net performance gains on that system. As with all Diskeeper operations, this too takes place automatically, on the fly, in real time. Hands down, Diskeeper 2008 is the most intelligent real time defragmenter ever built.

Diskeeper 2008 Pro Premier Features:

  • Breakthrough Technology! InvisiTasking – InvisiTasking is the foundation for Diskeeper to eliminate fragmentation in real time without affecting system resources or intruding on system demands.
  • Exclusive! Real-time defragmentation automatically handles fragmentation as it occurs, providing maximum system performance at all times!
  • NEW! Complete file and free space defragmentation defragmentation in the most extreme of conditions. Even if your systems have only a one or two percent of free space left available or a file in millions of fragments, Diskeeper 2008 can restore lost performance and save the applications reliant on those files from major reliability failures.
  • NEW! “Defragmentation Intelligence” enhancements. Diskeeper’s logic controller detects various volume and system conditions and chooses the most effective algorithm.
  • NEW! Frag Shield 2.0 – boosts reliability and availability by automatically preventing crash-inducing fragmentation of critical system files.
  • Exclusive! I-FAAST 2.0 (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology) automatically boosts access speeds for the most commonly used files.
  • Automatic online directory consolidation boosts antivirus scans and back-up speed.
  • NEW! Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Compatibility mode. It affords you the ability to leverage the data protection of VSS and the performance and reliability of automatic defragmentation.
  • Native 64 bit operating systems support.
  • BOOT-TIME MODE safely performs Microsoft recommended defragmentation of critical system files.

All of this takes place using Diskeeper’s innovative InvisiTasking background processing technology. This taps the full power of otherwise idle resources to ensure maximum performance and reliability at all times. Once Diskeeper 2008 is deployed, a system runs faster and more stably-period.

Changes in Diskeeper 2008:

  • Support for Windows Server 2008 has been added in this release.
  • Changes have been made to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Diskeeper when it is defragmenting volumes with low free space.

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Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit, 64-bit).