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Latest Articles

  • MagicTweak 4.12

    MagicTweak 4.12

    MagicTweak is a special program designed to personalize and optimize Microsoft Windows. It provides one-stop, instant access to a variety of Windows settings that can be altered for a friendlier Windows environment. This unique software makes it easy to tweak hundreds of hidden settings in Windows, so there is no longer any need to dig...

  • Diskeeper 2008 12.0.781

    Diskeeper 2008 12.0.781

    Diskeeper 2008 is a fully automatic defragmentation engine that replaces the standard Windows disk defragmenter which runs only manually, consumes high resoureces and rewquires full administrator privileges to operate. Diskeeper 2008 constantly monitors and maintains your systems maximum performance, using the fastest defrag engine. The program includes a unique `Set It and Forget It` functionality...

  • Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1

    Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1

    Windows Vista introduces a breakthrough user experience and is designed to help you feel confident in your ability to view, find, and organize information and to control your computing experience. The visual sophistication of Microsoft Windows Vista helps streamline your computing experience by refining common window elements. So you can better focus on the content...

  • Alien Shooter 2: The Legend

    Alien Shooter 2: The Legend

    Alien Shooter 2 (Alien Shooter – The Legend) is a large-scale sequel to the first part of Alien Shooter. This is the unique alloy of arcade action and RPG elements which combines well-established world of classical games and unmatched dynamics of the first part. Aliens are invading and you’re the last hope for humanity! The...

  • BadCopy Pro 4.10 Build 1215

    BadCopy Pro 4.10 Build 1215

    BadCopy Pro lets you recover corrupted or lost data in minutes! It is the leading data recovery software for floppy disk, CD, DVD, memory card, Zip disk, USB flash drive and other storage media. Features include floppy disk repair, CD, DVD data recovery, digital camera cards images rescue, and retrieval of damaged or lost data...

  • Visual Studio 2008 Team System Suite

    Visual Studio 2008 Team System Suite

    Visual Studio 2008 Team System provides multi-disciplined team members with an integrated set of tools for architecture, design, development, database development and testing of applications. Team members can continuously collaborate and utilize a complete set of tools and guidance at every step of the application life cycle. In addition, over 200 Visual Studio Industry Partners...

  • WinAce Archiver 2.69

    WinAce Archiver 2.69

    WinAce Archiver is an archiving utility with an easy-to-use interface for creating, extracting, and viewing archives. The application includes built-in compression for ACE, ZIP, LHA, and MS-CAB formats, and built-in decompression for ACE, ZIP, LHA, MS-CAB, RAR, ARJ, ARC, GZIP, TAR, and ZOO formats. You can create multi-volume (disk-spanning) archives for ACE and MS-CAB formats...

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 1

    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 1

    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 enables developers to build, deploy, and run XML Web services and Microsoft .NET connected applications. It provides a highly productive environment for integrating existing investments with next-generation applications and services. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 (formerly known as WinFX), is the new managed code programming model for Windows. It installs the runtime...

  • SuperCleaner 2.96

    SuperCleaner 2.96

    SuperCleaner is an all-in-one computer cleaner that finds the files that are eating up your disk space and slowing you down. It can also Clear your Internet History, including your Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and AOL history. It even erases the hidden index.dat files Windows hides on your computer! SuperCleaner will Delete Cookies that websites...

  • Acronis Snap Deploy 2.0 Build 2141

    Acronis Snap Deploy 2.0 Build 2141

    Acronis Snap Deploy is a comprehensive system deployment solution that enables organizations to deploy software to new PCs and servers quickly. Businesses today face increasing challenges when it comes to configuring and deploying new machines in a distributed, corporate environment. Having a deployment solution in place that enables businesses to use a standard configuration for...

  • Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3

    Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3

    Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3) represents a major evolution in security for Office 2003. It further hardens the Office suite against potential attacks and other security threats. This service pack also includes fixes that have been previously released as separate updates for Office 2003. SP3 also enhances security by including recent, individually released...

  • AxySnake 1.19

    AxySnake 1.19

    AxySnake is a 3D action game based on the famous Snake game. By giving the classic Snake a new dimension, we have given it a new life. 3D graphic effects are strengthened by stereo sounds! Many wonderful music tracks are included in the game. Frightening monsters and a variety of bonuses all made in full...

  • AirXonix 1.45

    AirXonix 1.45

    AirXonix is a modern 3-dimensional remake of the famous Xonix game. In the older Xonix you controlled a device, which moved over a field with several monster-balls wandering inside. The objective was to cut the balls away from as much spare field as possible. The rules of AirXonix are almost the same, except the device...

  • Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 Build 645

    Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 Build 645

    Acronis Migrate Easy 7 will help you to comprehensively install a new hard disk on your PC in a fast and easy way by transferring partitions and data from the old disk to new one in minutes while keeping all operating systems and applications fully functional. Quickly and easily deploy a new hard disk on...

  • Amazon DVD Shrinker 2.6.2

    Amazon DVD Shrinker 2.6.2

    Amazon DVD Shrinker is a high quality and extremely fast DVD copy and shrink software. It is an easy-to-use DVD shrinking software to get perfect duplicates of your favorite movies on DVD or Hard Drive with just a few clicks. The shrinking engine can fit any DVD video (up to 9.4GB) on to your DVD...

  • BitTornado 0.3.18 Experimental

    BitTornado 0.3.18 Experimental

    BitTornado is an alternative the next generation bittorrent client, built on the original BitTorrent. BitTornado allows a bit more adjustments than the original client. This client features an enhanced console/curses mode, lots of new features under the hood, and is generally one of the most advanced clients out there. Get this if you need to...

  • Microsoft Office 2007 Professional

    Microsoft Office 2007 Professional

    Microsoft Office 2007 Professional (formerly known as Office 12) helps professionals work FASTER, stay organized, and manage contacts and customer information in one place. It is a Complete Office Suite of Applications for any Business. Visualize data more effectively. Forecast, track, and manage projects and opportunities. And produce professional-quality marketing materials entirely in-house. Discover the...

  • Kyodai Mahjongg 21.42

    Kyodai Mahjongg 21.42

    Kyodai Mahjongg is a great 2D/3D version of the famous Mahjongg Solitaire (Shanghai) oriental game. The purpose of this solitaire game is to remove all the tiles from a board. The tiles must be removed by pairs. They have to be free on their left or right side, otherwise you can’t remove them. The rules...

  • Paragon CD-ROM Emulator 3.00.036

    Paragon CD-ROM Emulator 3.00.036

    Paragon CD-ROM Emulator is very helpful utility designed for creating and managing virtual CD/DVD drives and CD/DVD images. These virtual drives are much more convenient, reliable and quicker than physical ones. Their speed is even ten times faster than the one while working with the best physical CD/DVD-ROMs. They are silent, consume no power and...

  • Bejeweled 2 Deluxe

    Bejeweled 2 Deluxe

    Take the classic game of gem-swapping to euphoric new heights! Adapted from its predecessor, Bejeweled 2 features four unique ways to play. Solve handcrafted brain teasers in puzzle mode while up against the clock or kick back, relax and enjoy endless mode. The sequel to one of the biggest online games is bigger and better...

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