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Goodgame Empire 1.41.25

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Goodgame Empire 1.41.25

Goodgame Empire is a free online strategy game. Download it, and you will become the king of a powerful country ruling vast territories of land and many people.

You begin as a ruler of a small castle, and then you raise up your army and fight the dreadful and frightening world around you.

You always have to remember to have a sufficient number of troops in order to successfully create your kingdom in Goodgame Empire.

You will have to defend your land from other players willing to overtake your kingdom, and also you will have to increase your empire in order to conquer the neighboring lands.

It is also important to create an efficient economy for your country in Goodgame Empire, as you will have to support and provide for your huge empire and the army.

To get cash or the goods you need, you will have to trade your resources and products to other players. If you do not do so, you will have no way to build the defense or recruit more troops.

But the world of Goodgame Empire is not all about bad things and fighting! You can make peace developing relations and making alliances with other players from all around the world. Thus you will be safe and have new friends. But you also have to keep alert to see when your allies find themselves in a tight spot as well.

You have a good chance to rise from a small castle’s lord to a king in Goodgame Empire. Your job is to take care of your kingdom, fight and conquer your enemies and forge powerful alliances. That is easier said than done, but if you work hard on it, you can achieve such glory.

Goodgame Empire Features:

  • An army full of melee fighters and chosen warriors.
  • Fight against other players in a system full of alliances.
  • Dynamic map of the world.
  • Strategic battles with different units and attacks.
  • Castle extensions with numerous buildings.
  • Economic system with different resources.
  • Fun with missions and campaigns with attractive awards.

Create your own kingdom:

  • Over 60 different buildings
  • Multiple upgrade levels for buildings and units
  • Countless decorations for personalizing your castle
  • Regular in-game events to keep things new and exciting
  • Weekly updates with new game content

Be part of a massive community:

  • Alliance and pact system unique to Empire
  • Convenient and helpful alliance chat
  • More than 70 million players worldwide
  • Fast customer support in your own language

Fight in exciting battles:

  • Strategic and versatile battle system
  • More than 50 different military units
  • Powerful and customizable equipment items
  • Epic battles in four kingdoms

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Size: 46.0 MB

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