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AX64 Time Machine

AX64 Time Machine
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AX64 Time Machine is a full system backup and restore solution which makes the images of your Windows system and allows you to restore your PC to a previous point in time in seconds.

This program automatically backs up your entire PC, including system files, applications, accounts, preferences, emails, music, photos, movies, and documents.

AX64 Time Machine allows you to recover from virtually any disaster including system crashes, virus infections, disk failures and more. You can backup to any type of storage, including internal, external, and networked drives.

Backup is automated, so you’ll never forget to do it, and you can even use AX64 Time Machine to keep multiple save points so you can hop back and forth through time.

AX64 Time Machine Features:

  • Full Disk Imaging. AX64 Time Machine backs up your entire system including all your documents, system files, photos and movies.
  • Snap-Shot Tool. You can use this software as a snap-shot tool. Travel backwards and forwards between backup points in seconds to minutes.
  • Ultra Fast Recovery. The program only backs up and recovers the differences between PC states resulting in ultra fast backup and recovery speeds.
  • Set and Forget. AX64 Time Machine automatically takes hourly backups that occur silently in the background with no performance impact.
  • Rescue Media. Create a backup environment using our Rescue Media to view backups and restore your PC when Windows can’t boot.
  • Backup Browser. Instantly view and restore individual files and folders from your backups using our powerful backup browser.
  • Backup to Anywhere. You can backup to virtually any type of storage, including internal, external and network drives.

Advanced PC users will find the unmatched speed of Time Machine useful as a snapshotting tool.

  • You take a snapshot with Time Machine then decide to try out new software. It turns out you don’t like the new software, so you use Time Machine to revert to a previous point in time. It takes just 1 minute to remove the unwanted software completely.
  • You find out that Windows update has broken your favorite software. Time Machine allows you to quickly revert your system to the “no updates” state and you continue work as usual.

Changes in AX64 Time Machine

  • Feature: No need to initialize network in WinPE restore if restoring from local disk
  • Can now change destinations without redoing the full backup
  • Bug: Issues setting network folder location
  • Bug: AXCMD has no progress of backup
  • Bug: AXCMD creates a full backup when using the same path as GUI
  • Bug: System dialog Browse For Folder doesn’t show mapped drives in Win 8
  • Unable to restore from network share
  • Bug: Systray options dont expire with app
  • Bug: Application does not close during a shutdown process
  • Bug: Application should stop shutdown during a backup
  • Bug: Left click system tray icon should open app – same as dblClick
  • Bug: Remove the line from the backup window as per picture
  • Feature: Add restart checkbox in the restore wizard

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).