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SlimCleaner 4SlimCleaner 4 is a system cleaning and optimizing software for Windows that uses community-sourced feedback to optimize computer performance. It will help you to remove temporary files, browsing history, and other junk that can take up space and compromise your privacy. Also is a useful application that was created in order to assist you in cleaning your system of unwanted remnats of various software installations, toolbars and unneeded services. SlimCleaner’s primary scan quickly isolates all of the junk data that can build up over time. It flags temp files, history files, internet logs – all of the stuff that wastes disk space and diminishes your computer’s performance. Also SlimCleaner lets you manage your startup commands and services easily, with configurations customized to your PC.

Use the Windows Tools panel to get stats and read-outs on all your computer’s functions. SlimCleaner provides you with personalized optimizations that you can use to make your system faster and more efficient.

SlimCleaner uses what’s called “authoritative ranking” to ensure that the ratings for your programs are accurate and that they reflect what people really think. It works by weighing the ratings of each contributor against their previous levels of accuracy and against the ratings of high-ranking users.

SlimCleaner is the first software to use social networking for PC repair and optimization. SlimCleaner combines the industry’s fastest PC cleaning engine with a community of users who provide real-time feedback to improve computer performance.

• Cleaner. The industry’s fastest, most robust engine for analyzing and cleaning unneeded files that slow down a PC. SlimCleaner’s new cleaning engine is fast and powerful, analyzing entire computers in as little as one second.
• Optimizer. The world’s first cloud-based optimization engine that allows users to adjust startups and services that impact PC performance, using community-powered feedback.
* “More Info” Dialogs: Dialog boxes that give detailed information about what an item on a PC does and how the community views it, including peer reviews, “what should I do?” and comments from other users.
* Granular Controls: Adjustable filters let users identify unneeded software and startups in seconds.
* Badges: In addition to a personalized Wall, registered users earn badges and rewards based on various factors such as accuracy of their ratings. The Wall contains users’ personal profiles, ratings’ history, comments and trust network – whom they trust and who trusts them.
* SlimWare AV Cloud Access: Lets users scan startup vectors for viruses and view results from multiple antivirus engines.
• Uninstaller. The first community-powered uninstaller with access to SlimWare Utilities’ community feedback, reviews and comments. SlimCleaner uses a real-time stream from the cloud to compare against community feedback and make recommendations about which applications to keep or remove.
• Shredder. Erase any files you don’t want on your system, Files erased with the shredder can never be recovered. Erase sensitive information forever from your PC. Removes items with up to 35 overwrite passes.
• Hijack Log. Scan for startup items, toolbars, BHOs, ActiveX controls, browser plug-ins and other third-party or malicious items that can “hijack” or modify a system. Get direct access to SlimWare’s cloud of antivirus scanners, or alternatively, VirusTotal, using the VirusTotal public API.
• Windows Tools. Conveniently organizes system tools and settings in one easy interface. See all the windows tools such as device manager, performance monitor, security settings, restore settings, system Information and much more.

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

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    2012-12-14 at 14:25 KenEzthex Says:

    I prefer Wise Care 365 or Wise Disk Cleaner + Wise Registry Cleaner

  • Gravatar
    2012-12-13 at 12:43 Netranger17 Says:

    I agree.. I tried it.. Back to CCleaner.

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    2012-01-08 at 23:44 arsenalz Says:

    I use TuneUp Utilities + For me there is nothing better.
    CCleaner is good, but is insufficient.
    The jv16 is superior to all, but to use it you must have thorough knowledge of the Windows registry. SlimCleaner still didn’t test

  • Gravatar
    2011-10-01 at 21:46 Mentor Says:

    Apsolutly Excellent! 5/5 Better than Ccleaner!

  • Gravatar
    2011-08-02 at 13:45 tron001 Says:

    If someone looks at Crapcleaner and compares some functions of this programm with it, than the user wil lrecognize that crapcleaner is integrated as you have the setup option to at slimcleaner open and start to the recyclebin.

    So there is really no need for this. Crapcleaner is trusted and better.
    Dont use this.

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    2015-03-31 at 03:15 Says:
    Recover Immediately from a PC System Failure or Virus Attack!
  • Gravatar
    2011-07-22 at 17:01 michel90 Says:

    I think not too bad
    I give it 3 / 5 stars
    CCleaner is better functions but has too little

  • Gravatar
    2011-07-22 at 16:24 Kapten Says:

    So far so good. I prefer CCleaner but this is a good complement!

    One thing i noticed. If you want to delete the restore log u need to go to the program folder and delete the files in the backup folder manually. I didnt see any
    “clear logfiles” alternative in the program.

    But still, nice UI. Good cleaner. Pretty ok options.

    I give it 3.5/5 stars