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Music Label 2014 20.0.1

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Music Label 2014Music Label 2014 helps you organize your music collection. Catalog any kind of media ranging from CD and vinyl to MP3 files on your hard drive, or even cassettes if you still have those. You can even add your own media types, making Music Label future proof. Get the full picture of your collection with statistics and reports. Music Label is built on a solid client/server database for optimal reliability and speed. Find those golden oldies with the powerful yet easy-to-use search engine. Music Label uses CDDB2 and ID3 technology, so all information is downloaded from online databases, no typing required. You can export your collection and save it on your mobile device to carry it along at all times. Music Label 2014 is very easy to use with professional features.

Simply insert CDs or type titles and all information about your music will be instantly downloaded. Music Label 2014 also let you create playlists and view comprehensive statistics. Music Label 2014 exports to a variety of formats.

Music Label 2014 Features:
• Quickly get your music library organized by scanning CDs or typing the title.
• Catalog any type of media (CD, vinyl, SACD, MP3, WMA, OGG, etc).
• Scan your hard drive to find music files and add them to your collection
• Keep track of CDs on loan with the built-in loan manager.
• Search and sort your collection with one click.
• Print reports and watch a variety of statistics.
• Export to various formats (HTML, XML, PDF, Excel, etc)
• Export to iPhone/iPod/iPad (Netwalk Music HD)
• Keep a list of wanted and ordered items.
• Handle box sets with ease.
• Create any number of databases of any size.

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Changes in Music Label 2014:
- Product completely redesigned with the new Office 2013 interface
- Touch/mouse mode added
- Touch gesture support throughout product
- Pixel scrolling in data views (touch mode)
- Redesigned and rearranged ribbon
- New source for Vinyl Query and Cover art downloads
- Improvements to image preview window
- Rating now on a scale to 10
- Updated cover art export
- Possibility to limit search result (Advanced Find and user views)
- Updated database access layer
- Updated view technology
- Move to Albums function in Wanted Items section
- Various enhancements throughout product

Homepage – http://www.codeaero.com/music-label/

Size: 15.4 MB

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