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nVIDIA Gelato for Windows 2.2 Release 1

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nVIDIA GelatoNVIDIA Gelato rendering software allows anyone with an NVIDIA GPU to create stunning images fast. A hardware-accelerated, non-real-time renderer, nVIDIA Gelato was originally designed for the creation of 3D visual effects and animation in feature films. But nVIDIA Gelato is a powerful tool for any number of industries, including film and broadcast, CAD, architecture, and print. nVIDIA Gelato is a software program that leverages the NVIDIA GPU as a floating point math processor. This allows nVIDIA Gelato to render images faster than comparable renderers, but without the quality limitations traditionally associated with real-time graphics processing on the GPU. Gelato Basic is available free of charge. If you require extra power in your 3D rendering pipeline, you can upgrade to nVIDIA Gelato Pro.

Now students, freelancers, startups, and small studios can take advantage of a high-end renderer with the capabilities of renderers costing thousands of dollars. Gelato Pro is available for purchase for US$1500 per node, including the first year of maintenance and support.

With Gelato Pro you get the features required for production rendering:
* NVIDIA Sorbetto interactive relighting technology
* DSO shadeops
* Network parallel rendering
* Multithreading
* Native 64-bit support
* Maintenance and support from NVIDIA’s High-Quality-Rendering Team

New In nVIDIA Gelato/Gelato Pro 2.2:
* Speed and memory improvements – scenes with huge displacement amounts now have can be rendered 5 times faster than before.
* Refined ray-traced reflection – the ability to handle multiple reflection rays with improved anti-aliasing.
* More accurate subsurface scattering techniques – by defining “albedo” and “Meanfreepath” coefficients.
* Enhanced texture converter – which lets you select, replicate and re-order individual color channels when creating textures.
* Mango now supports Maya Hair. – And includes a new shader for “Shave and a Haircut”, as well as, a new velvet shader.
* Windows XP Professional x64 support.

In addition to these changes, the Mango plug-in for Maya makes Gelato 2.2 easier to use and allows multiple versions of Maya to run simultaneously on your workstation. Other modifications include an updated User Interface, data exporting improvements, new pull-down menus and right-click functionality, standard placement of generated files in Mayaproject folders, better Maya batch rendering and other options via a custom Gelato XML file make workflow effortless and a more flexible SDB file system.

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Size: 81.3 MB

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